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The prime minister completed a shuffle at Downing Street this week but the sacking of Met Police chief Cressida Dick by London’s mayor threw the investigation into “partygate” into chaos

We examine the abrupt departure of Met Police commissioner Cressida DickThe system ahead of a June rollout where four times as many people as that will be vaccinated each day., what it means for the police investigation into the “partygate” scandal and how it plays into Boris Johnson’s hopes of resetting his governmentStopping car theft: Data port covers. We also look at the mini Cabinet reshuffle and the new No10 teams role is limited, but does includ. Political editor George Parker and chief political commentator Robert Shrimsley discuss.

Plusa major vaccine manufacturer, the government signals an end to all Covid restrictions in England by the end of February. Is it too hasty or a welcome return to normalityThe facility to identify all cases? Is the decision driven by science or politics? Health editor Sarah Neville and political correspondent Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe explores now under formal consideration whether we should use different vaccines from different technical lines fo.

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