North Korea Fires up 8th Weapons Test of the Year

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North Korea Fires up 8th Weapons Test of the Year - Today News Post Today News || News Headlines

North Korea fired what looks to be a ballistic missile early Sunday, marking a return to weapons testing after a near monthlong pause overlapping the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In an alert to reporters, South Korea’s military said a single projectile was launched at 7:52 a.mThe total death toll from COVID-19 i. from the Sunan area into waters off the peninsula’s east coast. It later echoed the view of the Japanese military that the projectile could be a ballistic missile:1636935063413,.

The missile flew at a range of 300 kilometers, reaching a maximum altitude of 600 kilometers, Japan’s Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said. South Korea’s military placed the altitude slightly higher, at 620 kilometers.

Sunan Airport on the outskirts of the capital, PyongyangThe virus with Tokyo and Osaka under a state of emergency., is where North Korea had launched a pair of what it called tactical guided missiles on January 17. That month, the nuclear-armed country fired a record 11 missiles in seven rounds of testing.

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