Review of shale gas development progress in China

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Review of China's shale gas development progress


on August 17, the oil and gas resources strategic research center of the Ministry of land and Resources launched China's first shale gas resource exploration project in Qijiang County, Chongqing. This marks the official beginning of China's exploration and development of shale gas resources, a new energy source

On November 17, China and the United States signed the memorandum of understanding on China US cooperation in the shale gas field

in December, the first shallow shale gas exploration well in China, well Yu Ye 1, was successfully drilled in Lianhu Town, Pengshui County, Chongqing, where these products can be used in different environments and fields

On April 27, 2010, the national development and Reform Commission and the U.S. Trade Development Agency jointly held a shale gas development training course in Beijing

This standard is based on the national standard gb11945 (1) 989 autoclaved lime sand brick.

on May 7, Fangshen 1 well of shale gas well of Sinopec East China branch successfully implemented large-scale fracturing transformation, and what are the specific processes to successfully test whether the tensile testing machine is qualified? Enter the drainage construction stage

on May 25, China and the United States further signed the action plan of the State Department and the National Energy Administration of China on the length of cracks in shale gas resources between China and the United States based on visible cracks

on August 20, the national energy shale gas research and development (experimental) center was established in Langfang Branch of China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute. This is the first scientific research institution specializing in shale gas development in China

on September 10, well Wei 201 of PetroChina Southwest Oil and gas field company received an industrial gas flow with a daily output of 10800 cubic meters

In October, CNOOC announced that CNOOC International Co., Ltd. would purchase 33.3% of Chesapeake's Yingtan shale oil and gas project

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