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Review of ten-year packaging technology work (II)

at present, there are 100 production lines with advanced level in the late 1970s or early 1980s in China. Among them: about 20 paper mills (sets); There are about 80 cartons, boxes and tubes in the factory. For example, Qingzhou Paper Mill, Ningbo paper mill, Shanghai Hongwen, Tianjin paperboard and Jiamusi paper mills, and Qingdao, Beijing, Wuhan, Changzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other carton factories have better digestion and absorption, playing the role of land introduction equipment. Qingdao carton factory now has two modern production lines, which package and export beer with an annual output of 106000 tons in Qingdao, earning an annual foreign exchange of 31million US dollars. And won the international beer champion and other two awards. Jiamusi paper mill invested 170million yuan in the transformation of equipment in five years, which increased the economic benefit by 24% and the production capacity by 5% compared with that before the transformation. In order to expand and introduce the Kraft linerboard equipment with an annual output of 85000 steel ball tons from the Soviet Union, the factory has a total investment of 500million yuan, and the engineering industry has been approved by the state. It is estimated that the products will be produced in 1993. By then, the factory can produce 280000 tons of packaging materials for export goods and domestic packaging. Qingzhou Paper Mill has a total investment of 660 million yuan in the project of producing 150000 tons of pulp per year. It has signed contracts with Austria, Sweden and other countries, and will be expanded to time pulp for national use in 1991

on the other hand, the innovative achievements of transforming old equipment have attracted the attention of enterprises. For example, Shanghai Zhongban factory, Hongye paper factory and Jilin paper factory, relying on their own efforts, renovated the old equipment in the 1930s and 1940s. Only three of them saved more than 1 million yuan in renovation costs. Its products, No. 1 white board paper, high-strength corrugated base paper, paper bag paper, etc., have not only won national and ministerial awards respectively, but also are popular and hot in both domestic and international markets due to their excellent quality

the product quality has been steadily improved. 18 basic and new packaging materials such as kraft liner paper, No. 1 white board paper, high-strength corrugated base paper, yellow board paper and vapor phase antirust paper have won national awards and 73 varieties have won ministerial awards; Cartons, cartons and other containers have won the Ministry's top 10 products. The industry has won 350 national packaging scientific and technological achievements (including 27 first prizes), and more than 50000 new technologies, processes, and designs have been reformed. Some achievements have filled the domestic gap. For example, the paperboard developed by Huafeng Paper Factory, which won the first prize, saves us $220000 per year instead of imported products. The sewing frame packaging innovated by Shanghai carton factory has a compressive strength of 2400KG, a moisture-proof performance, and a dripping capacity of 3mg. It is impermeable within 10 minutes, twice the utilization rate of the original wooden box, and solves the long-standing problem of bulky commodity packaging. According to incomplete statistics, the 350 achievements of the above awards have increased national income and saved more than 360million yuan; It is sold to the international market and replaces imported products, generating 109million US dollars of foreign exchange savings for the country

Science and technology promote the progress of enterprises. There are a number of enterprises with modern management level. There is one national first-class enterprise, Minfeng paper factory, which is also the only packaging enterprise in more than 6000 counties in China. There are 12 national secondary Enterprises: Jiamusi paper factory, Huafeng Paper Factory, China Version paper factory, Xinhua Paper Factory, Tianjin board paper factory, Wuhan rust proof paper factory, Huali copper board paper factory, Beijing carton factory, Jilin paper factory, Qingzhou Paper Factory, Beijing packaging and decoration products factory, Yangcheng carton factory, Beijing Baihuo building, etc. according to the analysis of a general manager of a waterproof material company in Beijing. There are also many enterprises that have won national single advanced in equipment management, TQC management, metrology, environmental protection, ideological and political work, etc

by 1989, the output of packaging paper and paperboard in China had reached 5.66 million tons, an increase of nearly four times from 1.25 million tons in 1980, with an average annual increase of 19.5%; The output of cartons, boxes and tube containers reached 6.354 billion square meters in 1989, five times higher than that in 1980

some high-quality packaging materials, such as Kraft linerboard, whiteboard and high-strength corrugated base paper, have been exported to various countries, changing the situation that they could only enter and leave in the past. Chinese board mills, Tianjin board mills and other enterprises also sent senior technicians to brother countries for technical guidance

third, carry out extensive information and information exchange

the leading cadres of our enterprise pay more attention to the relationship between information and the survival of the enterprise, and try their best to capture information and serve the enterprise

main forms of spreading and exchanging intelligence and information:

1 The first to second issues of "packaging technology newsletter" are compiled and distributed every month. The information is large and timely, which is very popular. At the same time, it jointly publishes the magazine "China new packaging" with the Department of "China new packaging" to obtain technical and economic information at home and abroad; Domestic market, brother factory production and technical trends; The party's guidelines and policies for the packaging industry; Factory management experience, etc. It plays a media role among member enterprises. For example, Taiyuan carton factory urgently demanded moisture-proof oil. After the newsletter was published, many member enterprises sent letters to support it, and some also signed technical agreements to solve the urgent needs of the factory

2. Organize experience exchange meetings and absorb essence for my use. For example, in the Central South sub station, Changsha carton factory introduced the successful development of oil repellent coating equipment, which can improve the efficiency by five times. Everyone is very interested. The manager of Longjiang Yongfa packaging industry company immediately went to the factory to learn from the microcomputer, bought technical materials and solved the problem

3. Hold achievement evaluation and new product exhibition. Once a year, the system has been formed. Through evaluation and comparison, the competitiveness of enterprise products is promoted, the product quality and technical level are improved, and wealth is created for the country and foreign exchange is saved, which is a matter of killing several birds with one stone. At the same time of evaluation, legal on-site transactions (including patents, technologies and products) are allowed. This kind of intuitive and market-based evaluation form costs less and takes effect quickly. It can not only see the overview of new products in the same industry in the country, but also benefit the enterprises themselves. For example, after the motor packaging of Guilin carton factory won the prize, all parts of the country sent letters to order, the sales volume more than doubled, and the popularity was also high, creating conditions for enterprises to upgrade and evaluate advanced products

organize expert consultants and technical backbones to visit and investigate advanced areas 3 Requirements for fixture structure:, advanced enterprise. Investigate the development trend and problems of packaging, and provide reference for leading departments. And give help and guidance to enterprises in the difficulties of technology and raw materials

At the same time, we attach importance to the combination of political and ideological work and scientific and technological work. Mobilize and cherish people's enthusiasm and creativity. Annual selection of advanced collectives and individuals in packaging science and technology work, as well as the top ten collectives and top ten individuals that reflect the situation. Drive the general with the advanced. Among the members of the Zhejiang sub station, unity and cooperation, information exchange, technical assistance, and the implementation of the work of the central station are good, and it has been awarded the advanced sub station for four consecutive years. 260 winners. The thesis was selected for 3 times. 28 works won awards. The award-winning talents will be commended on the principle of giving priority to spiritual encouragement and supplemented by material encouragement

they also actively participated in social activities and donated money and materials for the Asian Games and the PLA troops defending the state power and wealth

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