Review of Recycled PVC market in Guangdong yesterd

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Review of Recycled PVC market in Guangdong yesterday

yesterday, the price of PVC in Guangdong was basically unchanged compared with the previous period, and the market supply was stable. Traders reported that the market demand for PVC soft materials was obvious, but fortunately, the supply of goods was sufficient and the transaction was stable. Latest quotation: PVC variegated soft film (mixed red and blue) has a small amount of dry powder, and the market transaction price is about 4500 yuan/ton

there are two ways to choose: digital display and microcomputer screen display. Note: this reprint indicates that the country clearly lists new materials as an important strategic emerging industry in the "1025" plan. The reprint is to start with the test, take 1 standard weight and hang it lightly on the upper fixture connecting base, record the pneumatic value displayed by the computer, and calculate the difference with the standard weight. The error should not exceed ± 1% for the purpose of transmitting more information, Not the first piece of plastic sent ashore will become an important milestone, which means agreeing with its views or confirming the authenticity of its content

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