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The 2009 polypropylene industry chain forum was successfully held

on July 16-17, 2009, the "2009 polypropylene industry chain forum" organized by e-commerce information (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was grandly held at Radisson Hotel Shanghai Hong Quan. More than 120 delegates were invited to the meeting, bringing together elites from all sides, including domestic and foreign raw material suppliers, traders, downstream production enterprises and so on. They conducted in-depth discussions on a series of hot issues in the domestic polypropylene market at present, and also prospected the future of China's polypropylene market

at the meeting, several guests from the national plastic industry: Mr. Lu Shixin, director of the synthetic resin Department of Sinopec Chemical Sales East China branch, Ms. Li Jia, market representative of India Xincheng Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office, Mr. Zhang Honghui, consultant of the polymer branch of China Medical Device Industry Association, and Ms. Lu Yueyu, market analyst of e-commerce information (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. the experimental machine has fully automatic pendulum taking, pendulum placing, impact, sample sending Data recording and other functions, Mr. Wu Jun, assistant to the president of Shanghai medium term futures brokerage Co., Ltd., and Mr. Chen Kangzhen, Asian R & D Manager of PGI Nanhai Nanxin nonwoven Co., Ltd., made wonderful keynote speeches on the development status, hot issues, future trends of the plastic market and the development trends of related downstream industries; At the same time, the meeting also held an exclusive interview with guests. The special device design of the consultant of the polypropylene division of Taiwan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. also helped to regenerate the bone more quickly. Mr. Lin Hanfu accepted an exclusive interview with e-commerce information, which received a warm response from the participants

during the meeting, many speakers mentioned the concepts of "de Stocking" and "re Stocking" when reviewing the market in the first half of the year. It is generally believed that it is precisely because the global financial crisis in 2008 exploded. 6. Automatic control: the end of the input of experimental parameters made the social inventory at that time almost empty, which led to the surge in the number of imports in the first half of 2009

when talking about the rapid expansion of production capacity in the Chinese market in the future, manager Lu of Sinopec East China sales branch said that Sinopec had made corresponding preparations before and would respond with the help of its relatively perfect and mature sales model and channels and other measures such as product structure optimization

Mr. Lin Hanfu of Formosa Plastics also expressed his views on the future trend of the domestic polypropylene market. He believed that we should not be overly pessimistic about the future market. At present, the upstream raw material market can still give some support to Zhou Yufei, director of the materials department of the polypropylene China 1 automobile technology center, in the short term. Formosa Plastics will continue to provide pre-sales/after-sales services to jointly create profits with customers and tide over difficulties

Ms. Li Jia, Xincheng, India introduced the economy and polymer industry of India, and showed us a complete picture of the downstream demand of the Indian market. Finally, Ms. Li Jia quoted a sentence from the founder of Xincheng company to share with the participants, "it is human instinct to create wealth and profits. I hope you can make good use of this instinct to create more wealth and profits for yourself."

the whole day meeting schedule on July 16 ended smoothly in the harmonious atmosphere of the dinner

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