The hottest polypropylene powder is originally fri

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Polypropylene powder is originally fried with the same root. He Taiji

polypropylene powder is originally fried with the same root. He Taiji

is widely used in the production, scientific research and teaching of plastic raw materials and products. April 24, 2019

it was originally fried with the same root. He Taiji! Polypropylene powder and pellets are both plastic products. Why the price difference between market sales and downstream factory procurement is so large that the powder market is based on 8000. However, propylene and terminals in the industrial chain are so squeezed. Whether the pellet is strong enough to save the powder, or whether the powder is not strong enough to drag down the pellet, there are different opinions The price difference of polypropylene powder is so clear

the trend of polypropylene powder and granular material is positively correlated, and the price difference between the two is gradually expanding. The normal price difference between the two is 400 yuan/ton. At present, the price difference between polypropylene powder and granular material is yuan/ton, higher than the basic price difference of yuan/ton. The low price of granular materials in East China is yuan/ton, while the low price of powder materials is 7950 yuan/ton of Sanjiang powder. Dragged down by the decline of propylene and the weak follow-up of terminal demand, the price difference between the two has a further expansion trend

second, the main reason for the expansion of the price difference is the change trend of propylene

it is found from the price trend of propylene in China that propylene hit a new high in 2018 due to high oil prices and tight supply. Due to the low sulfur ship, but the simple operation of microcomputer controlled automatic concrete pressure testing machine, the reduction of propylene supply in refineries is expected due to the fuel policy. The propylene industry chain in Northeast Asia has expanded rapidly, while the Middle East has slowed down, and North America and Western Europe have basically stagnated. The world propylene industry chain has built a new trade balance. Due to the differentiation of propylene cost and the high price of polypropylene around the world, the overall profit of the world propylene industry chain has increased slightly. In recent years, the length of the two diagonals of propylene expansion indentation can reach its peak in China, especially with the help of cost advantages, the production capacity of pdh/cto has increased significantly, and the pattern of domestic propylene production capacity oversupply has gradually emerged. Recently, domestic propylene has fallen all the way. Due to the weak market transactions of polypropylene, propylene oxide, acrylic acid and other downstream propylene, especially the closer correlation between powder and propylene, and the increase of propylene oxide shutdown and maintenance, for example, Shandong Xinyue 350000 T/A and Shandong Sanyue 240000 T/A propylene devices have been overhauled and reduced load, resulting in the increase of propylene supply in Shandong and the obvious decline of domestic propylene in the near future. As a direct upstream of polypropylene powder, propylene fell, exacerbating the decline in powder cost, and merchants' bearish mood increased significantly. On the way of falling powder, the granular material is relatively strong, increasing the price difference between the two

III. analysis of price difference between polypropylene powder and pellets

due to the intersection of polypropylene powder and pellets downstream, the normal price difference between the two is yuan/ton from the analysis of cost and sales strategy. Selecting a level 1 experimental machine for general material experiments is completely enough for downstream plastic knitting enterprises to mix the two appropriately. Once the price difference exceeds the basic price difference, downstream plastic knitting enterprises will abandon expensive pellet procurement and turn to powder procurement with relatively low cost price, Therefore, when the powder market declines all the way, the pressure of granular wire drawing will increase. At present, the powder is supported by the rebound of propylene low price, and the downward trend of powder slows down again, and the low price has room to rebound. However, due to the large price difference between the two, the granular materials have a slight downward trend, and the price difference between the two is likely to be further narrowed

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