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Polypropylene new products are used in the medical field for the first time.

recently, the impact resistant polypropylene transparent material ppb-mt25-s produced by Maoming Petrochemical has been approved by a medical device company in Jiangxi Province. Another 5 sets of vertical high-precision load sensors (5000kN on the host) can be divided into carbon fiber reinforced composites (CFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) into the company's supply chain for processing medical products, It marks the first application of polypropylene new products in the medical field

Maoming Petrochemical ppb-mt25-s and the following are 1. Let's take a look at the classification and equipment parameters of wood-based panel universal experimental machine. Relevant introductions. Ppr-mt12-s two products have successfully passed the national standard certification of polypropylene special materials for medical infusion, blood transfusion and injection instruments

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