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Polypropylene parts have become a new application of MuCell

Structural polypropylene parts can also use MuCell microcellular foaming technology

nylon has always been the main resin that benefits from MuCell's reduction in weight and cost, but trexelinc The company and asahikasei said that the cooperation between the two sides will expand the application scope of MuCell to injection molded PP parts, such as shell and auto parts. Trexel first announced this development project at npe2015 in Orlando

trexel president and ceostevebraig

trexel president and ceostevebraig said, "a new flow reinforced polypropylene can use MuCell to produce parts with the same beautiful visual appearance as traditional molded parts."

in the past year, trexel and Asahi cooperated to produce a polyolefin suitable for MuCell, and successfully developed asahikasei's thermonepp special composite grade. This achievement not only has "excellent surface aesthetic effect", but also reduces the weight of parts by 10% and warpage. In addition, its cycle time is shorter

braig said, "many customers have expressed their intention to try it out and will put it into commercial use."

the attractive potential constantly puts forward higher, newer and more requirements to the waterproof experimental machine. Its applications include in mold coloring automotive interior parts, swimming pool accessories, heavy truck parts, household appliances and electrical products

trexel also introduced a new variant of MuCell on NPE, which can be used to produce 0 Ounce of small parts. This T-100 supercritical fluid (SCF) metering and conveying system will solve the problem of difficult production of small parts

braig said that it is difficult to repeatedly input SCF nitrogen into small parts. To inject nitrogen as small as 20mm into the polymer melt, such a small amount is difficult to control and easy to disperse. This is the main problem of SCF in small parts

in 2017, the consumption of carton board paper in China was 25.1 million tons

while MuCell has not been used much in small parts so far, because relatively few materials have been saved. Braig explained that many small parts require tightness tolerance, which is the strength of MuCell. Electrical connectors and complex components are examples of such small parts that require tightness tolerances

scf is a fluid with both gas and liquid properties

Braig said that users of MuCell technology can easily improve the SCF system and install it on plastic machines that do not use MuCell. The plasticizing screw in the T-100 series injection molding machine should be 18 – 45 mm, but the larger screw is suitable for the t-200 and t-300 series

carbon dioxide SCF provides options for new technologies. Another option is to inline detect the nitrogen purity in the gas supply pipeline. Its goal is to achieve the nitrogen purity of 9 steel plate stamping fastener JG 3061 ⑴ 9999.9%. As the most common and problematic impurity in nitrogen supply, the presence of oxygen can cause polymer yellowing and even degradation

Trexel announced that braig has been reappointed by U.S. Secretary of Commerce pennypritzker to the U.S. national manufacturing Council for a term of office in 2015 and 2016, and will provide the Secretary of commerce with industry advice on U.S. manufacturing related matters

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