The hottest polypropylene market fell slightly

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Polypropylene market fell slightly

external market: the Asian market fell by $25 ~ 65/ton. According to the latest mainstream quotation, homopolymer injection PP fell by $40/ton at $1285 ~ 1295/ton (CFR Far East), $1295 ~ 1305/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), iPP film material fell by $25/ton at $1310 ~ 1320/ton (CFR Far East), and $1315 ~ 1325/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), down $40/ton; BOPP fell by $55/ton at $1300-1305 (CFR Far East), by $40/ton at $1305-1310 (CFR Far East/Southeast Asia), and by $50/ton in Southeast Asia. On Thursday, the price of propylene monomer fell by $60/ton from $1190 to $1200/ton (CFR China), and by $35/ton from $1250 to $1260/ton (CFR Southeast Asia)

polypropylene (PP) market performance was poor, and the market fell slightly. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation of homopolymer wire drawing/plastic injection was 13000 ~ 13300 yuan, with a decrease of 50 yuan at both ends. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical T30S was 13300 yuan, up 100 yuan, Daqing Petrochemical T30S was 13050 yuan, down 50 yuan, Zhenhai Refining and chemical T30S was 13000 yuan, down 50 yuan, Shanghai Secco S1003 was 13200 yuan, down 100 yuan, Panjin Ethylene F401 was 13200 yuan, Yangzi Petrochemical F401 was 13300 yuan, down 50 yuan, s1004 was 13200 yuan, India Xincheng h030sg was 13100 yuan, down 100 yuan. Domestic copolymers fell by 100 yuan at the low end and 200 yuan at the high end. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical m700r was 13800 yuan and m180r was 13650 yuan, down 150 yuan. Yangzi Petrochemical j340 was 13500 yuan, down 100 yuan, K8003 was 13850 yuan, down 150 yuan, Yanshan Petrochemical k8303 was 14100 yuan, down 300 yuan, k7726 benefited all amputees was 14300 yuan, down 200 yuan. The imported copolymers were 13300 ~ 15200 yuan, of which Hyundai M1600 was 14500 yuan, up 200 yuan, Samsung hj730 was 15200 yuan, SK b380g was 14500 yuan, up 200 yuan, and shincheng h110ma was 13300 yuan. Monofilament powder was 11850 yuan, down 100 yuan

after the festival, the market demand has not been amplified, and the transaction is not ideal. Next, downstream enterprises will face a sense of further and urgency. Although the factory does not have much stock, it has no intention to replenish positions except to purchase on demand; Most traders mainly ship goods. In addition to the unfavorable factors such as the depressed propylene monomer market, the weak external market and the low powder price, petrochemical enterprises have successively reduced the ex factory price and ex warehouse price of both Sinopec and PetroChina under the increased inventory pressure, and Panjin Ethylene has the largest reduction. This has greatly depressed the market price. In contrast, the market of special copolymers is relatively stable due to the lack of goods, and the service life of equipment can be extended by some imported brands is still rising at a high level. In the absence of favorable conditions, it is expected that the recent polypropylene market will continue to decline in a narrow range

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