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Polypropylene PP market continues to show a weak trend

polypropylene (PP) market trend is bleak, and the market has accelerated to decline. At the weekend, the mainstream quotation of poly wire drawing/plastic injection was at yuan, down yuan. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical T30S was 13400 yuan, down 1300 yuan; Dalian Petrochemical T30S was 13450 yuan, down 550 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical T30S was 13400 yuan, down 600 yuan; Zhenhai Refining and chemical T30S was 12950 yuan, down 1050 yuan; Shanghai Secco S1003 was 13300 yuan, down 800 yuan; Panjin Ethylene F401 was 13400 yuan, down 800 yuan; Yangzi Petrochemical F401 was 13300 yuan, down 1000 yuan. Domestic copolymers fell by yuan in yuan. Among them, Shanghai Petrochemical m700r was 15000 yuan, down 800 yuan, m180r was 14500 yuan, down 700 yuan; Yangzi Petrochemical j340 was 13850 yuan, down 850 yuan, K8003 was 13850 yuan, down 850 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical k8303 was 14800 yuan, down 400 yuan, k7726 was 15000 yuan, down 600 yuan; Shanghai Secco k7926 was 14850 yuan, down 250 yuan. Imported copolymers fell by yuan at yuan. Among them, Hyundai M1600 was 15400 yuan, down 600 yuan; South Korea's Samsung hj730 was 18100 yuan, down 400 yuan; Skb380g of South Korea is 1. This cooperation will utilize the resources of the group in many regions by 5200 yuan, down 1000 yuan; India Xincheng h110ma was 15300 yuan, down 500 yuan. Monofilament powder fell by 900 yuan at 12600 yuan

in this period, the PP market not only continued the decline of the previous period, but also experienced a rare sharp dive, which seriously frustrated the mentality of traders. According to the analysis, it is mainly due to the poor prosperity of downstream industries and the persistent sluggish demand, which leads to the gloomy transaction atmosphere; Secondly, crude oil and propylene monomers fell sharply, cost support weakened, and market pressure increased; Third, the supply and demand is not balanced enough. Most of the supply is concentrated in the hands of petrochemical enterprises and large merchants, and they have not issued effective inventory reduction measures. Here are some detailed and careful operations we teach customers, which are more flexible, mainly empty warehouse moving bricks. The overall market is dominated by negative sentiment. It is expected that the weak situation of the polypropylene market will not be improved in the short term, but the sensors adopted by Shanghai xinrenda Instrument Co., Ltd. are American, with high accuracy and generally can be used for more than 150000 times

external market: the Asian market continued to fall, and the decline increased. The latest mainstream quotation: homopolymer injection molding PP fell by $70/ton in USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia); IPP film material fell sharply in USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia); BOPP fell by $25/ton in USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia); Block copolymerization fell 67% in USD/ton (CFR China/Southeast Asia) 5 dollars/ton. On Thursday, the price of propylene monomer fell sharply by $80/ton in USD/ton (CFR China); USD/ton (CFR Southeast Asia), down 97.5 USD/ton. "Plastic restriction order" has become "plastic purchase order"

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