Automatic driving of the hottest heavy vehicle

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Automatic driving of heavy vehicles

with E-Drive, space drive and digital solutions, Schaeffler is committed to the development of electrification of commercial vehicles

constantly expand the product portfolio in the field of heavy vehicles

vdi commercial vehicle forum. During the five years from 2013 to 2017, guests had a live experience of Schaeffler wire control technology

Boer, Germany, June 6, 2019/AP/-- with fuel cells, modular systems Space drive wire control technology and digital solutions, Schaeffler is committed to promoting the development of electrification. As a supplier of industrial products, Schaeffler has proved through projects such as bio hybrid and Schaeffler mover that the company is not only focusing on fields in shaping future drivers, but also providing solutions for electrification. In addition to the existing product portfolio in, and, Schaeffler plans to provide more innovative products and solutions for the market in the future

e-drive: modular design meets space requirements

for the electrification of large-scale modular production vehicles, suppliers are not only facing problems in design space and improvement -- they also need to solve the contradiction between multi series products and cost efficiency. To solve this problem, Schaeffler provides a simple and effective solution: E-Drive, a modular electric drive system, can quickly and efficiently meet customer requirements in the contact area. The E-Drive electric drive system automatically processes the experimental data according to the requirements of the experimental method, which is composed of motor, software and electronics, and can provide customized system solutions for users, especially in terms of functionality and better efficiency. In particular, the highly modular design of electronic components enables the entire drive system to meet almost any design space requirements

space drive: help realize L4 and L5 levels of automatic driving

with space drive wire control technology, Schaeffler paravan company provides a key technology for automatic driving. In addition to the driving and execution functions, the core of this leading by wire technology is its by wire steering function, which can realize safe and reliable vehicle steering completely through electronic control signals. Different from other similar systems, space drive wire control technology adopts triple redundancy design. It is a wire control system that meets high quality and safety requirements in the world at present, and has passed the extremely strict ISO 26262 ASIL D functional safety certification. Space drive is also the only wire control system in the world that has obtained a public road use license and is technically and commercially feasible for mass production vehicles

space drive adopts self-developed customized software, which can provide targeted solutions for specific applications. Therefore, this technology also plays an important role in the realization of automatic and semi-automatic driving (or queue driving). At present, space drive has been applied to 8500 models worldwide, and has an accident free driving record of more than 1billion kilometers

space drive "our high-performance materials and all-round customer service can speed up the launch of innovative small lightweight and decelerated vehicles. They appeared at the VDI 2019 commercial vehicle forum

recently, at the VDI forum" 2019--, passenger cars, trucks, trailers "held in Boer, Germany, guests at the meeting experienced Schaeffler wire control technology on site. A Mercedes Benz sprinter display car equipped with space drive by wire technology was displayed on the scene for guests to test drive

"the German engineers' Association Forum is a platform for us to show Schaeffler's capabilities in the field of heavy vehicles to professional audiences", said madys Zink, CEO of Schaeffler Group's mainframe business unit, "We are constantly integrating and expanding our capabilities in the field. Our products in the fields of,, and are very reliable and cost-effective, and have been widely recognized in the industry. We believe that our innovative products in the hybrid and electrification of power systems can help our customers meet stringent emission regulations."

e-drive electric drive system has a high degree of modularity, which can quickly and efficiently meet customer requirements. E-Drive is composed of motor, software and electronics, and its application range covers light and heavy vehicles

the space drive system from Schaeffler paravan is a key technology to realize automatic driving

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