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Ketian Octopus cloud was selected into the "Atlas of enterprise smart communication products"

recently, iResearch, a well-known domestic Internet data consulting organization, released the "2021 Research Report on China's enterprise smart communication products", which focuses on three categories of enterprise smart communication products, including office collaboration, smart monitoring and high-definition display. Among them, office collaboration products include video conference products, office products that can realize complex experimental processes and voice scheduling products

as a representative of video conference products, Ketian Octopus cloud was selected into the atlas of enterprise smart communication products

the report points out that as the main tool to meet the multi scenario communication of enterprises, enterprise intelligent communication products are evolving in the direction of intelligence, connectivity, integration and thin residual poles

taking video conference products as an example, video conference has entered the stage of multi-functional communication management platform (the era of comprehensive integration of multiple services). The specific technical features include: support the conversion and compatibility of multiple protocols, support the integration of mobile network and Internet network, and support the combination of software and hardware

in terms of the combination of software and hardware, Ketian Octopus cloud has obvious advantages

integration with enterprise systems

Ketian cloud is one of the few manufacturers in China that can provide SAAS and PAAS audio and video communication capabilities at the same time. In addition to SaaS cloud conferencing solutions that are out of the box, PAAS solutions that can be customized and integrated are also provided

open rich audio and video capabilities (API interface/sdk) to customers and partners through the audio and video communication apaas platform, and quickly connect with enterprise IM, OA and other systems

integration with intelligent hardware

Ketian Octopus cloud provides a full-featured lightweight SDK to enable smart hardware such as doorbell/access control, refrigerator, watch, TV, and build a new audio and video interaction scene

integration with original hardware

for enterprises that have been equipped with hardware video conferencing, capacity expansion means purchasing more equipment. Ketian Octopus cloud supports the standard sip/h.323 protocol and can be seamlessly compatible with hardware (such as Cisco, Huawei, Polycom, etc.), which not only protects the original investment of enterprises, but also provides a safe and reliable new experience of mobile conferencing

in the future, Ketian Octopus cloud will integrate with 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, IOT and other advanced technologies to provide more intelligent possibilities for enterprise communication and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises

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