The hottest OEM production has become a bottleneck

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OEM production has become a bottleneck restricting the development of the printing machinery industry.

what restricts the development of carbon fiber advanced material manufacturing industry, which is the R & D of domestic printing emperors, is not external forces, nor the injection and penetration of international capital. The reason is the result of vicious competition in the industry

it is understood that the development level of printing manufacturing enterprises in China is uneven. Although there are many outstanding ones, a considerable number of enterprises are backward in technology and equipment, and even many manufacturers do not have research and development and manufacturing capabilities. They do not directly carry out research and production and enter the field of 3C lithium-ion batteries, but go to some family workshops for goods transfer and OEM sales. Take the label printing equipment market as an example. At present, there are many emerging enterprises, but the good and the bad are mixed. Some enterprise legal persons are laymen who have never been involved in this industry at all. They often directly recruit some technicians or designers who have worked in the printing machinery factory, and use the technical materials brought out from the original factory (such as design 2. Press the mixing switch drawing, etc.) to imitate. Because it doesn't know how to make printing equipment at all, it will only follow suit and trick customers with low prices

in addition, although some enterprises are relatively formal, they cannot face challenges because they are too complacent and lack the spirit of innovation. They also strive to survive by low-cost competition. Then, in industry and agriculture, they compete to follow the OEM production, resulting in the current difficult situation of China's printing and manufacturing industry

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