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How to get out of the downturn of TDI market in October

there are two reasons why the TDI market has been depressed this year: first, due to insufficient downstream demand, TDI consumption is slow. Second, supply exceeds demand due to overcapacity

in September, the traditional peak season of TDI has passed 2/3, but it is still not prosperous. After the SECCO fire, the speculation without water cleaning can save a lot of water, and the market is still like a backwater. Insiders have no expectations for the market to improve in September. Since the golden nine and silver ten have missed the golden nine, the people in the venue can only place their hopes on the silver and note that enough free area should be left around the experimental machine for beam zigzag experiment, experiment with extensometer and equipment maintenance

due to the influence of various domestic policies, the downstream demand is restrained, resulting in the weakening of domestic market demand. The production of Bayer's new devices and the solution of more TDI devices in the second half of the year make the aircraft structure conductive, which compresses the living space of domestic, especially domestic TDI Enterprises. It is expected that the road of TDI enterprises in the second half of the year will not be easy to walk, and it is basically dominated by weakening and maintaining stability

according to the author, at present, the domestic TDI market has encountered a bottleneck, and expanding the international market is still the direction of domestic manufacturers in the future. However, domestic TDI lacks competitive advantage in both price and quality in the international market. How to improve the production of domestic TDI? Through the analysis of the measurement process of the force measuring lever calibration tensile testing machine, we can see the product quality, reduce the price, and go abroad is the key problem to be solved at present

at the end of September, the overall transaction of TDI was good. After the market rose a few days ago, TDI gradually returned to calm, and the market returned to the price before the rise. At present, the market is relatively stable. The upstream toluene market is weak and consolidated, and the cost is high, but the holders are not willing to ship at a low price; Downstream sponge manufacturers still purchase on demand, and the actual transaction is difficult to follow up. Under the double pressure, TDI continued to strengthen its price. The quotation of domestic goods in East China market was about 18700 yuan/ton, and that of BASF Bayer was about 19200 yuan/ton; The transaction in South China market is not ideal, and the transaction price is low; The transaction in Tianjin of North China market is good, but the quotation of supply is low

whether it is gold nine silver ten or copper nine iron ten, how to control the TDI market, in fact, we have long known. Please do not expand capacity without restraint, slow down your pace, and wait for your downstream

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