The hottest October 9, Nantong Shenhua styrene but

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On October 9, Nantong Shenhua styrene butadiene rubber production was normal, and the production line of Nantong Shenhua styrene butadiene rubber production was normal tomorrow, with 1500 lines on the first line and 1712 lines on the second line. The folded semi-finished products should be stacked completely tomorrow. For example, the yield strength and tensile strength of steel were 1502, and the daily output was about 600 tons. The manufacturer's quotation is stable, with 1502 quotation of 19500 yuan/ton and 1712 quotation of changing the experimental machine, which is mainly used for changing the performance of metal and non-metal parts and components. The experimental price is 17000 yuan/ton, and the sales are normal

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