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The off-season is not light: big players in the construction machinery industry have a secret script

"there is no off-season market, only the off-season idea." This was put forward by Zhang Ruimin, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Haier Group in a speech many years ago, and then it was regarded as a classic marketing quotation, which has been widely circulated so far. The core of this sentence is to create the market. "If you think the market is off-season, you will think that it is normal not to sell, and it is impossible to find ways to change the status quo." On the contrary, if you use your brain and actively explore the market in the off-season, the seemingly strong difficulties are not terrible

nowadays, the deteriorating market environment of construction machinery has made many enterprises lose the courage and faith to fight. The Jedi counterattack is their choice for the strong who really aim their heads at the holes and slots. If the current dilemma is compared to "little monsters", construction machinery enterprises really have their own tricks to deal with "little monsters"

XCMG road machinery: raise confidence with cases and increase centripetality with measures

in order to effectively improve the marketing ability, XCMG road machinery innovatively set up the marketing links simulated by the sales team of dealers and marketing centers based on real cases at the 2015 mid-term marketing working meeting, such as "tiger mouth pulls teeth, dares to light the sword", "value marketing, shines on the plateau", "chasing the northwest, the road dominates" and so on, vividly reproducing the marketing plot, Visually and concretely show the participants the marketing skills of "removing customer resistance" by various means in the face of various pressures, which brings practical communication skills to all teams. The vivid case not only improves the marketing ability, but also greatly boosts the confidence of XCMG road machinery professional to focus on the dealer team and all marketing personnel to face the challenge against the trend

on the basis of scientific and in-depth study and judgment of the market situation, XCMG road machinery made clear the marketing method in the second half of the year: promote the "four in place". That is, the customer relationship is in place, the professional focus is in place, the point construction is in place, and the risk control is in place. At present, road machinery faces two major challenges, one is the siege and squeeze of foreign high-end market, and the other is the fierce price competition in the domestic market. Facing the two-line battle, dealers are required to improve their product familiarity with XCMG road machinery and open the market around differentiation. At the same time, establish the thinking concept of learning in practice and lifelong learning, and constantly realize self-improvement. Adhere to problem orientation, overcome difficulties, and strengthen bottom line thinking. Treat the customer relationship with dedication, attack for a long time, safeguard the interests of both parties in the way of transparent contracts, use effective information comparison and control, compete for every order, win every good order, strengthen the control of diversion, and strengthen the bottom line thinking

mountain reconstruction machine: cut in from multiple points and break through each one.

"the current market environment is a test for everyone here. For enterprises, it is a test of business ability and strategic positioning, the loyalty of every employee, and the future situation and confidence." Jiang Kui, general manager of Shandong heavy industry group, said. "Under rational analysis, if we want to continue to develop healthily, we need to abandon the strategy of homogenization and great leap forward from now on, seek breakthroughs in differentiation, and do what we want to do with the most characteristics. This is our turnaround."

In the mid year report, Lun Xueting, chairman of shanre construction machinery, pointed out, "in terms of management, we have made reasonable allocation of the new leadership, making the behavior unprecedented unified; the team work of the core department is more solid and powerful; in terms of products, we are still the first to ensure quality, and continue to develop new and refined products, which will bring new experiences to customers and dealers."

mountain reconstruction machine promotes specialization and refinement in core components to improve the core competitiveness of products. It is convenient and practical to obtain the experimental data of various materials by implementing the process supervision and independent inspection system and strengthening the product process control; Effectively reduce the failure rate of the whole machine. "In 2015, shanre will continue to improve the quality management system; optimize suppliers and strengthen the quality management of outsourced parts; focus on the countermeasures and implementation of special quality problems; accelerate the supply of accessories and market technical support, and improve user satisfaction"

Lun Xueting said: "In terms of marketing and customer service, shanre reconstruction machine will also continue to innovate, adopt a flat docking mechanism, expand the sales mode, integrate oneortwo models with high market share, launch special business policies, quickly occupy the market, explore the direct sales mode of the new machine, try the auction business of the second machine, make the sales of the second machine market, and carry out the leasing mode. After optimizing dealers, we will also combine tradition and innovation to provide each dealer with The strategic business policy most suitable for its development. " In addition, the mountain reconstruction machine, which abandoned the impetuous mentality and the thought of being eager for quick success and instant benefit, refined the previous rough finance and management, fully integrated the idea of enterprise diversification, and extended the bond for three years. After a series of measures, under the leadership of the new leadership, the mountain reconstruction machine will be reborn

Foton Lovol: marketing transformation service upgrading

promoting marketing transformation is a marketing model innovation made by Foton Lovol heavy industry in the face of the "new normal" of economic development. By promoting the rapid improvement of dealers' organizational ability, order creation ability, financial guarantee ability and post market ability, Lovol brand premium and product sales volume achieved double growth in 2015. In particular, the brand value experience marketing conference, which was vigorously promoted in the national main market area, promoted competitive growth with lean marketing, and realized the transformation of the industry and customers' understanding of Lovol from providing a single product to providing an overall solution

in the summer of this year, the "golden box" system based on the "Lovol cloud service" platform enabled the most "Earth" agricultural machinery to achieve "interconnection +". At the moment when "Internet +" is coming fast, Foton Lovol heavy industry also "takes users as the king", makes full use of Internet technology, implements innovation driven, and accelerates enterprise transformation and upgrading

it is understood that Foton Lovol heavy industry is building a highly flexible information management system with a "user-centric" system. The system gradually realizes the information management of management, R & D, production, logistics and marketing services. Lovol agricultural equipment not only shows its differentiated competitive advantages in research and development, design, production and manufacturing, marketing services, but also leads the development of the industry at all times

"2015 is a critical year for the global development of Foton Lovol heavy industry. Zhong Guangliang also said that this year, Lovol achieved the integration and development of high-end machinery business. At the same time, a large number of new products and technologies from the European R & D center will also meet with global customers this year. In the future, Foton Lovol heavy industry will work with all dealers and service providers to maximize customer value and create an overall solution for Lovol agricultural production Try. " Said wangyurong, executive deputy general manager of Foton Lovol heavy industry and general manager of Lovol agricultural equipment division

Valin Xingma: "change" takes the lead, people-oriented

"change" takes the lead, and plans for the long term. Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, believes that who can actively respond to the reform can survive the cold winter and become the winner of tomorrow

at the mid year summary meeting, the first task of Valin Xingma is to boost the morale of the sales team. In order to make dealers have a different experience, in addition to the regular summary of the first half of the year and the elaboration of the work plan for the second half of the year, dealers' experience sharing links have been added, mainly for the port tractor, dangerous chemical transport vehicle and Hanma H6, the three product segments with outstanding performance in the first half of the year. From scratch, the market share of Xiamen dealers' port cars in the three major sub sectors of local ports (stone, grain and iron ore) has reached more than 60%; Chuzhou dealers have successfully entered the local key customers of dangerous chemical transport vehicles; Fuzhou dealers successfully introduced Hanma H6 into the market, and real sales cases pushed the atmosphere to the highest level

Valin Xingma pays attention to experiential marketing and adheres to the marketing strategy of "go out, please come in". It is reported that in the second half of the year, Valin will carry out more small-scale touring exhibitions, test drives and user promotion meetings of grounding gas, and invite users to the factory, so that users can have a deeper understanding of Valin Xingma's products

in the face of the continuous promotion of new products such as Hanma H6 and Hanma natural gas engine, Valin Xingma has continuously strengthened its after-sales service to Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a nationally renowned production and experimental machine factory. In the second half of the year, while continuing the service policy of the first half of the year, Valin will continue to improve its new products

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