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Recently, the inspection team of Zhifu branch of Yantai Administration for Industry and commerce, together with the law enforcement officers of the market management office, conducted a surprise spot check on the listed food in the wholesale market of Xishan small businesses in the urban area, which can be divided into manual impact sample gap broaching, electric impact sample gap broaching, hydraulic impact test gap broaching, etc. The spot check results showed that the outer packaging of some foods met the quality and safety standards for marketing, and peanut oil was all qualified, while the outer packaging of some foods did not meet the quality and safety access standards stipulated by the state, and the "QS quality and safety" certification mark was not marked. Law enforcement officers seized 397 boxes of such foods on the spot. For the seized food that does not meet the quality and safety standards for listing, the law enforcement officers have required the merchants to remove all of them from the market according to law. It is reported that since January 1, the city has started to fully implement the "full market access system in the process of quality safety and capacity reduction" for 10 categories of food to be sold, including meat products, dairy products, convenience food, canned food, beverages, frozen food, biscuits, puffed food, quick-frozen rice food, condiments (sugar, monosodium glutamate), which will be included in the scope of mandatory control. For 10 categories of mandatory food without the "QS quality safety" logo, They shall not be listed for operation. Previously, five kinds of food, including wheat flour, rice, edible vegetable oil (except bulk), soy sauce and vinegar, have been included in QS supervision. The industrial and commercial department announced the report:

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