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The top five life insurance companies account for 80% of the market. Let's see who they are

recently, the 9th joint conference of life insurance marketing sponsored by China Insurance Association (hereinafter referred to as "the China Insurance Association") was held in Wuhan. At the conference, the China Insurance Association released the analysis report on the development of life insurance marketing industry in 2016 (hereinafter referred to as "the report")

in addition to analyzing the steady growth of premium, the report also focuses on and reviews the beneficial attempts of E-marketing practice and innovation of the industry's life insurance, including intelligent marketing based on big data analysis, customer experience upgrading with the help of multimedia technology, sales quality improvement through voice intelligent analysis technology, and e-commerce integration to help channel transformation

the competition in the life insurance telemarketing market intensifies.

the report shows that in 2016, the national life insurance telemarketing achieved a scale premium of 16.5 billion yuan, an increase of 16% over 2015. Among them, self built institutions achieved a premium income of 12.5 billion yuan, an increase of 15% over 2015, and cooperative institutions achieved a premium income of 4billion yuan, an increase of 21% over 2015. From the perspective of each company, 63% of the companies achieved positive growth compared with the same period of the previous year

the report shows that the annual premium income comes from 32 life insurance companies operating telesales business. The market concentration has further improved compared with last year. The top 5 companies in terms of scale premium are Ping An Life Insurance, Taikang Life Insurance, China Merchants CIGNA life insurance and Sino US liantai MetLife Insurance, which together account for 76% of the market share, an increase of one percentage point over last year. Among them, Ping An Life Insurance is the only one with a market share of 42%

from the perspective of channels, in 2016, life insurance e-sales achieved nearly 12.5 billion yuan in premiums through self built institutions, Ping An Life Insurance ranked first, and 11 companies including Taikang Life Insurance achieved more than billion yuan in premiums through self built institutions. At the same time, in 2016, life insurance telemarketing also achieved a premium of RMB 4billion through cooperative institutions, and 11 companies such as China Merchants Cino life insurance and Sino US liantai MetLife Insurance achieved a premium of more than RMB billion through cooperative institutions

according to the report on stripping the first part of the sample, by the end of 2016, 29 life insurance companies had carried out e-marketing business, three fewer than at the beginning of 2016. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences issued the Eucommia industry green paper: China Eucommia rubber resources and industry development report (2013) on September 18, 2013. The report predicts that in the next few years, some companies will gradually withdraw from the telemarketing market

according to the report, in 2016, Chinese funded companies in the life insurance e-marketing industry dominated, with an absolute advantage in market share. At the beginning of 2016, among the 32 companies engaged in telemarketing business, 19 were Chinese funded companies and 13 were foreign-funded companies. In 2016, Chinese funded companies achieved 12.5 billion scale premiums, accounting for 76%, while foreign-funded companies achieved 4billion scale premiums, accounting for 24%. The growth rate of premium of Chinese companies exceeded that of foreign companies. The scale premium of Chinese companies increased by 17% in 2016 compared with 2015, and the scale premium of foreign companies increased by 14% in 2016 compared with 2015

according to the data, in 2016, the product structure of life insurance telemarketing industry continued to be optimized and adjusted, and accident insurance replaced life insurance as the main type of insurance. The structure of life insurance telemarketing products in 2016 was significantly adjusted compared with that in 2015. Accident insurance achieved a premium income of 6.1 billion yuan, an increase of 259% compared with last year, and replaced life insurance as the main type of insurance, accounting for 37%; The premium income of life insurance was 5.6 billion yuan, down 22% from last year; The premium income of health insurance was 3.9 billion yuan, an increase of 77% over last year. In addition, the premium income of annuity insurance was nearly 900million yuan, roughly the same as last year

in addition, although Chinese companies occupy a dominant position in the field of life insurance e-marketing, foreign companies show obvious advantages in terms of per capita production capacity of the industry. In 2016, the monthly per capita capacity of life insurance e-sales was 16200 yuan, a decrease of 14 percentage points over 2015. Among them, 4 enterprises have a monthly per capita production capacity of more than 30000 yuan, accounting for 13%; There are 9 enterprises with a monthly per capita production capacity of 10000 yuan, accounting for 28%; There are 12 companies with a monthly per capita production capacity of 10000 yuan, accounting for 37%; There are 7 companies with a monthly per capita production capacity of less than 10000 yuan, accounting for 22%

from the perspective of each company, seven of the top ten per capita production capacity are foreign-funded companies, among which, the per capita production capacity of China Merchants SINOSURE life, Ruitai life and Sino US liantai MetLife is more than 30000 yuan

in general, life insurance e-sales developed steadily in 2016. Compared with other channels, the overall scale of life insurance telemarketing is relatively small (in 2016, the proportion of life insurance telemarketing in the total life insurance premium was 0.95, the highest in recent 6 years). As a former emerging business channel, it has failed to achieve a major breakthrough in the pattern. With the rapid development of Internet insurance in recent years and the profound changes of mobile, professional, social and situational marketing models, the limitations of the traditional e-marketing model have become increasingly prominent. How to break the bottleneck and smoothly realize the transformation and upgrading is undoubtedly the key to the sustainable and healthy development of the E-marketing industry in the future

comprehensive use of new technologies to seek innovation

in recent years, with the increasingly personalized insurance needs of customers, life insurance telemarketing no longer relies on the traditional way to expand the business scale through a single capacity improvement. Instead, it makes profound changes in marketing thinking, ideas, methods, tools, and actively uses technologies such as Internet, big data, and real-time interaction to try to carry out intelligent marketing. Among them, the use of big data to analyze customer needs and carry out intelligent marketing are the most common in the company. For example, some companies combine intelligent sales assistants with telemarketing systems. Collect customer information through the whole process by means of radar chart, time axis and user-defined labels, clearly present customer portraits, provide professional sales service interactive suggestions for agents, and realize precision marketing

in addition, in 2016, the industry as a whole showed a development trend of using multimedia technology to interact with customers to improve customer experience. For example, in the stage of building customer trust, the contact rate of outbound calls is improved by sending prompt SMS in advance, and customers can fully understand the company's brand through the H5 page; In the sales stage, with the help of the combination of SMS, email and H5 page, actively push product information to improve the transaction rate of insurance products; After the transaction, actively push the links of insurance, payment, policy confirmation, renewal service, claim settlement, etc. through, SMS and H5 pages to strengthen the interaction with customers and improve the underwriting rate of the concluded policy

in addition, improving sales quality through voice intelligent analysis technology has also become the starting point of each company. For example, in quality inspection, voice analysis technology is used to replace manual quality inspection to improve quality inspection efficiency. First, the unstructured recording data is processed in a text structured manner, and the compliance model is set for the opening, product introduction, objection handling, transaction confirmation and other links. Through real-time and batch model hit matching, the nonstandard sales scripts are automatically caught. The second is to deeply mine voice quality inspection data information, analyze individual or group behavior, find differences, summarize strengths and weaknesses, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and formulate targeted marketing strategies

in exploring channel transformation, innovative e-commerce integration has gradually become the mainstream. In view of the current situation of limited access to telemarketing data resources, high operating costs and difficulty in breaking through the bottleneck of per capita capacity, in recent years, companies have actively explored channel transformation, innovated the integration of telemarketing and promoted the coordinated development of telemarketing and marketing

for example, some companies use the telemarketing system to promote products to customers, channel customers to company officials or purchase products, feed back customer information to the telemarketing system after successful payment, and distribute it to telemarketing agents for secondary development after customer demand analysis. In addition, according to the characteristics that the younger generation of Internet users are willing to make their own choices and are used to shopping and payment, the company has developed a support customer acquisition + assistance + online payment platform, expanded the form of e-Marketing products and sold complex products

in terms of integrating resources, expanding different industry alliances has become an important sales model. According to the report, the third-party platforms represented by batj have mature technology, high popularity, large traffic and many scenarios. With the help of a third-party platform, life insurance telemarketing can quickly obtain online customers, increase premium income, and develop new insurance products according to the needs of specific scenarios. Different industry cooperation will become an important choice for the expansion of life insurance e-marketing business

in addition, under the background of continuous limitation of tradition, the new mode of home office is gradually opened. In recent years, in order to realize the long-term operation of customers, prolong the career of employees and provide jobs for the society, some companies have begun to try to launch the distributed remote home office mode (ehom), which is a remote business mode characterized by unified platform, centralized control and distributed home office, promoting sales with services and long-term operation of customers and prospective customers

e-commerce integration strategy is imminent

the report believes that although the overall development of the life insurance e-commerce industry in 2016 is acceptable, there are still many problems, such as low social recognition, lack of customer resources, insufficient product innovation, serious homogenization, high personnel turnover rate, incentive mechanism to be changed, and lagging system construction

for this reason, the report believes that the life insurance telemarketing industry should continue to weaken the channel boundary, integrate telemarketing, marketing and other resources, realize resource sharing and complementary advantages to give play to greater value, and can use big data technology to promote the refinement and differentiation of insurance pricing; Relying on the multi platform management sales mode, we will deeply tap the potential of existing customers, focus on customer preferences, cut into different service platforms, configure customer needs, enhance the sense of user experience, lock in customer groups and stimulate customers' attention and recognition of insurance products, so as to lay a foundation and create conditions for subsequent word-of-mouth building, landing sales and services

at the same time, it should also conform to the consumption trend of the times and explore the transformation of multiple interactive models. According to the report, with the development of the Internet era, customers' consumption patterns have been constantly updated and iterated, and their consumption habits have changed greatly compared with the past. The fast, safe and independent online consumption mode has been widely recognized. From being pushed by the salesperson to making independent decisions through interconnection, taking the network as the sales platform, based on the sharing of telemarketing resources, focusing on improving the ability of it core system and marketing technology platform, and implementing the telemarketing strategy will become a breakthrough in the transformation of telemarketing from a single mode to a diversified mode

according to the report, from the perspective of development path, the electric integration strategy can be divided into three steps. In the initial stage of electric integration, we will focus on opening up the electric system and establishing the electric marketing system. In the second stage, we will establish more contact points with customers to improve customer experience and system efficiency through electric mobility integration. In the third stage, we will achieve diversified development through direct marketing, establish a brand image, and provide high value-added products and diversified services. In addition, with the aging of population structure and the development trend of urbanization, the market demand for housing, medical care and elderly care is increasing, and various platforms of relevant industrial chains are emerging. Life insurance telemarketing can give full play to its own advantages, actively participate in cross-border cooperation and expand development space

according to the report, at present, with the progress and development of science and technology, traditional insurance marketing is undergoing profound changes, showing a trend that mobile, professional, social and scene instruments can indeed be tested. Under the background of this era, the innovation and integration of life insurance telemarketing is bound to surge. There is an urgent need for regulators to actively create a more open policy environment to promote and encourage the innovation and development of life insurance telemarketing under the premise of controllable risk

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