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In October, the top ten economic hot words were released. Volkswagen Sagittarius "broken axle door" ranked first.

the "top ten economic hot words" in October were released today. "Volkswagen recalled Sagittarius because of" broken axle door "ranked first. In October, the top ten economic hot words were released today, and Volkswagen ranked first in the recall of Sagitar due to broken axle door. On October 17, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine announced that FAW Volkswagen would recall 563600 new Sagittarius and 17400 imported beetles nationwide in response to the fracture of the rear axle longitudinal arm of the new Sagittarius. At this point, the FAW Volkswagen axle gate breaking incident finally came to an end after more than 10 months of quarrel

in addition, CCTV stopped non GMO advertising, the CSRC issued a new delisting system, Beijing's holidays during the APEC period, the restoration of coal import tariffs, the ice breaking of the provident fund loan policy, the merger of CSR and CNR, the Beijing public transport price adjustment hearing, the export growth rate in September exceeded expectations, and Liu Shiyu became the chairman of the Agricultural Bank of China

monthly economic hot words are listed according to the network search frequency, which is a review of the economic hot spots in the past month

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