The top ten copyright owners in China in 2016 were

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Selection of China's top ten copyright owners in 2016 announced that Shenyang machine tool was listed on the list of China's top ten copyright owners in 2016 according to the relevant person in charge of the sponsor China Copyright Protection Center, with the implementation of the national innovation driven and integrated development strategy, in the Internet information technology environment, more and more works keep pace with the times and take advantage of information digitization, Let creativity present a perfect effect in cross-border interaction, integration and innovation, and maximize the value of copyright

2016 China's top ten copyright owners selection announced that Shenyang machine tool was listed on the list

this selection focused on the core of respecting originality. After the preliminary evaluation by the Organizing Committee and the selection by the expert review meeting, the top ten copyright researchers in China in 2016 were finally selected: Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Beijing Xiangcheng Interactive Network Technology Co., Ltd., China Opera and dance theater, Tianjin spring film Investment Development Co., Ltd Zhongqing Xinying culture media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Chengdu Shengshi Shangpin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., GuangLianda Technology Co., Ltd., xuewenjing, Alstom Buick nuhan, and Wuhan douyuluo Technology Co., Ltd

yanxiaohong, deputy director of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, said that only by respecting originality, protecting originality, stimulating the vitality of originality, releasing the motivation of originality, and further improving the creation, application, protection, management and service level of originality copyright, which is generally high in cost, can copyright innovation burst out. Through the in-depth integration of copyright and related industries, it promotes product and service innovation, expedites new business forms, drives employment, and meets diversified consumption needs. This is an important part of copyright work and an important measure of service supply side structural reform. Yanxiaohong said

the China Copyright Service Annual Conference has been successfully held for eight times since 2009. It is an industry sharing information platform built by the China Copyright Protection Center as a national copyright public service organization for the cultural and creative industries

2016 China's top ten copyright owners announced that the list of Shenyang machine tools was compiled and released by the electromechanical industry. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the article. For more industry information, please click attention: electromechanical industry

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