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"Ten water items" open up the trillion market. Zoomlion takes the lead in laying out and winning opportunities

"ten water items" open up the trillion market. Zoomlion takes the lead in laying out and winning opportunities

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with the coming of the "ten water items", it has been committed to promoting the development of the environmental industry, Zoomlion, which is in a leading position in the R & D and production of high concentration sewage treatment and other products, will share an investment meal of about 2trillion yuan with enterprises in other environmental industries

two trillion market cake to be divided

after the promulgation of the "ten articles on the atmosphere" last year, China's another major pollution control plan, the action plan for the prevention and control of water pollution, that is, the introduction of the "ten articles on water", has always affected the heartstrings of the environmental industry. Recently, luojianhua, Secretary General of the chamber of Commerce for the environment of the China Federation of industry and commerce, disclosed that the ten articles on water have passed the certification of relevant departments of the State Council and are expected to be issued in the near future

in fact, people in the industry are no strangers to the topic of sewage treatment. At the initial stage, the horizontal tensile testing machine has mechanical

it is understood that China's water pollution control work has been carried out during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period. According to the 2013 China Environmental Status Bulletin, among the state-controlled sections of the ten major water systems, such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Pearl River, the Songhua River, the Huaihe River and the Haihe River, the proportion of sections with class IV-V and inferior class V water quality is 19.3% and 9.0% respectively. Among the 4778 groundwater monitoring points, the proportion of monitoring points with poor and extremely poor water quality is 59.6%

based on this background, the industry is generally full of expectations for the "ten articles on water". Experts predict that the investment scale will be 2trillion yuan, higher than the previous "ten articles on air" of 1.7 trillion yuan

the "ten principles for water" of environmental enterprises with the first layout will be released soon, which will make the general direction of sewage treatment clear. However, the market is more concerned about how to use advanced sewage treatment technology and equipment to transform industrial sewage treatment and urban sewage treatment, so as to achieve the goal of "eliminating five kinds of inferior water by 2017"

data show that compared with developed countries, China is still relatively backward in domestic sewage treatment. In the United States, domestic sewage can be collected up to 100%, even in remote areas, and is subject to first-class and half treatment; The sewage treatment plant shall ensure 100% up to standard discharge; Urban rainwater will also be discharged 100% up to standard. In China, no city has yet achieved 100% collection and treatment of sewage, and the treatment rate in many cities is even less than 50%

the mismatch between market and technology makes some forward-looking enterprises take the lead in this field and achieve good results. Taking Zoomlion as an example, as a leader in the field of environmental industry, the company has been committed to the R & D and production of sewage treatment products in recent years. In 2013, Zoomlion successfully won the bid for one of the top ten environmental protection projects in Hunan Province, supporting projects of urban sewage treatment plant and domestic waste treatment facilities, and successfully passed the water quality monitoring

it is particularly worth mentioning that Zoomlion has realized the transformation of sewage treatment from engineering to factory equipment, from fixed to mobile, and has become the first manufacturer in China that can develop and produce sewage treatment vehicles

it is understood that the successful research and development of sewage treatment vehicle has reduced the input cost and operation cost of sewage treatment. This also means that Zoomlion, which takes the "ten water" as the starting point and takes the lead in sewage treatment, will usher in a broader market prospect

strategic path from a forward-looking perspective

the layout of sewage treatment is a microcosm of Zoomlion's environmental industry

in 2013, Zoomlion put forward the development strategy of five sectors, raising the environmental industry to the level of engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy trucks and financial services. Subsequently, Zoomlion Lugu Second Industrial Park, tailored for the environmental industry, was completed and put into operation in Changsha high tech Zone. At present, Zoomlion environmental industry ranks first in China

it is understood that you can operate the bending testing machine in Zoomlion Lugu second industrial park? It is mainly used for the R & D and production of nine categories of nearly 100 varieties of environmental industrial products, such as domestic material sanitation machinery, food waste treatment, high concentration sewage treatment, etc. it is the largest and most advanced R & D and production base of environmental sanitation and environmental protection equipment in China

chenpeiliang, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of environmental industry company, previously said in an interview that in 2014, Zoomlion Lugu No. 2 Industrial Park will have a production capacity of more than 10000 sets of environmental sanitation machinery and equipment. In the future, the output value of the industrial park will exceed 10 billion yuan

"the putting into use of Zoomlion Lugu second industrial park will mean that Zoomlion has officially sounded the horn of its second take-off in the environmental industry." Chenpeiliang said

chenpeiliang's statement shows Zoomlion's determination and confidence to become a leading enterprise in the environmental industry. As the leader of the enterprise, zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, sees it more profoundly. Zhan Chunxin believes that the strategic layout of five sectors, including the environmental industry, is a new path for Zoomlion to build a world-class enterprise

"do a good job in the five sectors. In the future, we can create two, three, or even five Zoomlion." Zhan Chunxin said

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