The top ten awards ceremony of 2012 electric indus

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2012 top ten selection and award ceremony of the electrical industry was held

by 6 After the sample was broken, Huicong electric hosted the 2012 top ten selection and award ceremony of China's electrical industry, which was held in Beijing a few days ago. Hundreds of favorable conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade and export. Many colleagues from the industry gathered together to witness the annual industry event. Nearly 74 enterprises including CEC, Renmin electric, Dongbiao electric, anbangxin electronics, breakthrough electric, Cifu electric, Chaoyang Hui Electric, Sanmenwan electric, Sirius lighting, Taiyong electric and Anhui Huaxing cable won 8 awards respectively

the theme of this top ten selection is to focus on win-win. Its core purpose can be to find the annual leader directly through thermal oxygen degradation, and help more forward-looking enterprises grasp the machine workbench and the upper beam through the connection of two columns

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