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The top management of China Mobile put forward the "five hopes" and called on the industry to jointly build td

following the news that China Mobile hopes to do TD-LTE with other operators on September 3, it was revealed again today that a top management of China Mobile has put forward five no hopes and five hopes that the industry will jointly build a TD-LTE industrial chain. The main contents include:

do not want TD-LTE to be operated only by individual operators, but want to be the choice of most operators in the world like FDD LTE; We do not want TD-LTE to be supported by only a few equipment manufacturers, but want to form an effective competition pattern among multiple manufacturers; We do not want to have only one TD-LTE operation in China, but we hope that there will be two in the domestic market; We do not want TD-LTE costs to become a bottleneck in development, but we want to form a global scale and reduce operational risks

Lu Xun has a famous saying, I hope there is no such thing as "there is no such thing as" there is no such thing as "there is no such thing as" there is no such thing as "there is no such thing as" there is no such thing as "there is no such thing as" there is no such thing as "there is no such thing as" there is no such thing as "there is no such thing as. Therefore, the top five hopes of China Mobile also have this meaning. TD-LTE is the TDD version of LTE technology and the subsequent evolution technology of TD-SCDMA. It inherits and develops the independent innovation achievements of TD-SCDMA. China Mobile said

previously, in an interview with Sohu it, relevant people of China Mobile said that TD-LTE, as the main innovation under the condition of continuously improving product performance and quality, has taken the first step. At present, 20000 base stations have been completed, and it is estimated that there will be more than 200000 TD-LTE base stations by the end of next year

according to the statistics of the global mobile equipment suppliers association (GSA), LTE has become the fastest-growing mobile communication technology in history. Since the first LTE network was put into commercial use at the end of 2009, as of July 11, 2012, 89 LTE commercial networks have been opened in 45 countries. With the commercial plan and test, a total of 338 operators from 101 countries are investing in LTE. Not only many operators in developed markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea have used LTE, but three of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia and India) have used LTE

at present, TD-LTE has achieved a breakthrough in the international market and is no longer operated exclusively like TD-SCDMA. China Mobile said that China Mobile has attached importance to international promotion since the beginning of TD-LTE development. Guangzhou should immediately cut off the power supply and carry out international operator cooperation, jointly carry out cooperation in product specification, testing and certification, terminal industry promotion, etc., and promote the selection and deployment of international operators to see the development trend of the global detection instrument industry TD-LTE. At present, many operators around the world have announced their commercial plans, and more than 50 trials have been conducted worldwide

4. Damage of parts and components it is revealed that it is expected that the deployment speed of TD-LTE will be gradually accelerated in the next three years, and the development goal of reaching 500000 TD-LTE base stations worldwide and covering more than 2billion people in 2014 as stated in the GTI action declaration will be achieved

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