Six rules that must be paid attention to when choo

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Six rules that must be paid attention to when choosing a suitable toilet seat:

six rules that must be paid attention to when choosing a suitable toilet seat:

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I. whether there is cracking. Gently tap the edge of the porcelain piece with a thin rod to hear whether the sound is crisp. If there is a hoarse sound, it proves that the porcelain piece has cracks

II. Deformation size. Place the porcelain on a flat platform and move in all directions to check whether it is stable and symmetrical, whether the mounting surface and the surface edge of the porcelain are flat, and whether the mounting hole is uniform and smooth

III. glaze quality. The glaze must be fine and smooth, and the glaze color must be uniform. Drop a few drops of colored liquid on the glaze and wipe it dry with a wet cloth after a few seconds. It is better if the glaze has no dirty spots

IV. pay attention to appearance. Toilets are divided into conjoined toilets and split toilets. The difference is that the water tank of the one-piece toilet and the toilet are directly made into a whole, while the water tank of the split toilet and the toilet are separated, and bolts are needed to connect the toilet and the water tank during installation. Split toilet is generally small in size, which is suitable for toilets with small space; The one-piece toilet has smooth lines and novel design, and there are many styles to choose from. Moreover, the water return bend at the bottom line of the toilet is closed, which provides convenience for toilet cleaning in the future. In addition, it is important to observe the height of the toilet water tank. If the water tank is high, the impulse is relatively large, and the flushing effect is relatively good

v. pay attention to the interior. In order to save costs, many toilet manufacturers have made efforts inside the toilet. Some water return bends have no glaze, while others use sealing pads with small elasticity and poor sealing performance. Such a toilet is easy to scale and block, and easy to leak. Therefore, when buying, you should reach into the dirt hole in the toilet and touch whether it is smooth inside. The smooth ones are glazed, and the rough ones are unglazed. The sealing gasket shall be made of rubber or foamed plastic, with large elasticity and good sealing performance

VI. pay attention to after-sales. Generally, sanitary ware sellers in the market have relatively reliable and complete after-sales service. As a Chinese famous brand, xinzhongyuan ceramics can fully guarantee after-sales service. The buyer can enjoy free installation and 3-5-year warranty service, and the manufacturer is responsible for free maintenance and replacement. Even after the warranty period, only the cost will be charged for replacement. However, some small-scale sellers, although promising warranty, cannot provide after-sales service calls. Therefore, consumers should carefully implement warranty and installation services when purchasing, so as to avoid inconvenience and disputes in the future

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