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After years of development in China, the wardrobe industry has gradually developed into a more mature industry. In recent years, the number of enterprises joining the wardrobe industry is also increasing year by year. The continuous influx of these enterprises, on the one hand, has driven the development of the wardrobe industry, and on the other hand, has also led to a surge in chaos in the industry. In 2015, facing the more severe market environment of the wardrobe industry, how to seek a new development outlet for wardrobe enterprises has become particularly important. The development of wardrobe enterprises needs to break through the original shackles, and the whole house custom furniture has joined dewell

wardrobe enterprises take the road of e-commerce. At present, the big problem is how to break through the original dealer network of traditional stores and find a new development direction. From this point of view, enterprise transformation is more urgent. In this era of surging e-commerce, the key is how wardrobe enterprises should meet the strong aspirations of home consumers: that is, like other industries, they can catch the Internet Express and fully enjoy the "benefits" of factory direct sales

as we all know, the traditional home shopping mall implements the dealer model, that is, introducing dealers from different manufacturers into the mall in the form of venue leasing, forming a large shopping platform, and then advertising it through advertising, promotional activities and other marketing means to attract consumers to shop. Therefore, wardrobe dealers should also pay attention to absorb new information and develop themselves. Take advantage of big data and the convenience of e-commerce to achieve efficient development

under the background of the irresistible trend of e-commerce, it is imperative for wardrobe enterprises to develop e-commerce, but blindly following the trend is not the essence of enterprise transformation. To develop e-commerce, enterprises need to find a suitable point of transformation and combine it with their own actual situation, so as to achieve the desired development effect

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