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Chai Jing's "under the dome", the environmental protection issues of the two sessions, constantly remind people to pay attention to environmental protection issues. The wood door industry is facing new challenges and should respond to the call of society and take the path of green development

environmental protection has become an important consideration in today's economic development. As China's economic development has entered a new normal and entered a new historical period, the market has continued to talk about "environmental protection". Experts said: wooden door enterprises must rely on scientific and technological innovation to take the road of green development. Only scientific and technological innovation can bring broader space to China's green development

wooden door enterprises take the road of green development and rely on scientific and technological innovation

so, how can wooden door enterprises take the road of green development? Taking the road of green development must rely on scientific and technological innovation. Only scientific and technological innovation can bring a broader space for China's green development. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, which is characterized by the deep integration of informatization and manufacturing, and with the digitalization, networking and intelligence of manufacturing as the core technology, has arrived, which forms a historic intersection with China's accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development, For China, it is not only a great challenge, but also a great opportunity. The application of new technology will greatly improve the energy consumption of manufacturing industry and become a powerful driving force for energy conservation, emission reduction and green development

first, building a circular economy industrial chain to implement green manufacturing

developing circular economy is an important way to achieve sustainable development and build ecological civilization, and it is also an important means to promote the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of economic development mode. The first cycle is a small cycle within the enterprise, which cleans up the waste generated in various production links. The development of the cycle makes the enterprise useless. The connection of various production lines is close, which greatly reduces the loss of energy and resources

in the process of implementing the strictest environmental protection and relying on scientific and technological innovation for energy conservation and emission reduction, the energy conservation and environmental protection industry has emerged as a strategic emerging industry. Therefore, for the wooden door industry of traditional manufacturing industry, the prospect of developing environmental friendly wooden doors is extremely broad. Looking into the future, modern China must be a prosperous and powerful China with economic development

second, promote the efficient use of resources to implement green manufacturing

efficient use of resources and as little energy as possible to achieve the consumption of production goals, reduce the consumption of resources and energy consumption at the source, and greatly improve environmental pollution. Using new technology to develop new equipment can achieve the purpose of energy conservation and consumption reduction, which is an effective way to realize the efficient utilization of resources. Taking the improvement of motor energy consumption as an example, motors are widely used in various industries and fields of industry. According to statistics, China's motor ownership is about 1.7 billion kw, and the total power consumption is 3 trillion kwh, accounting for 64% of the total power consumption of the whole society, of which the total power consumption in the industrial field is 2.6 trillion kwh, Accounting for 75%. At present, most of the motors produced and reused in China are of three-level energy efficiency lower than the standard, and the average efficiency is very low. If we use digitalization and then use intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent control technology, we can greatly save electric energy consumption. For example, if AC motors are used to replace ordinary motors, other mechanical systems will remain unchanged. The transformation of the original machinery can realize the energy supply on demand, so that the electric energy consumed by a motor can be saved by 40% to 80%

China now has onemillion units, and if half of them are transformed into digital energy-saving motors, 100 billion kwh of electricity can be saved every year

third, the implementation of green manufacturing through resource recycling and reuse technology

resource recycling and reuse can turn waste into resources again to reduce the final treatment capacity, that is, what we usually call comprehensive utilization and recycling can reduce the generation of waste and make new products with less energy. A large number of waste that is difficult to treat is formed in the production process. After transformation, these waste can become resources and become new treasures, So we call it urban mine

environmental protection is a major issue that concerns everyone. Only when our environment is protected can our life be guaranteed. With the attention of society and the improvement of people's quality, the wood door industry should also respond to the call of society and join the team of green development, so that enterprises can get better development when new challenges come, and also provide consumers with a healthier and high-quality living environment




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