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Nowadays, novel and peculiar decoration styles are very popular, and "dislocation" decoration is one of them, which will bring unexpected effects to home life. The so-called "dislocation" decoration refers to the combination of elements of different styles based on aesthetics, which is illogical, and forms a decoration mode of reverse thinking

◆ material: "dislocation" decoration often introduces materials used outdoors or in industry into home, which is unique and fashionable. For example, steel plated cabinet countertops and home appliances are becoming more and more popular, which can not only create a modern sense, but also make the space appear spacious; Or in the corner of the living room and bedroom, use tempered glass to replace part of the wooden floor, and then embed low-power lamps below, so the lighting from the ceiling is "misplaced" to the ground. If flowers are placed next to the floor lamp, it will also show a special effect. Turning on the lamp at night will not affect others' sleep, but also make the room appear softer

◆ color: for "dislocation" decoration, color is the easiest "tool" to use. For example, for the shoe cabinet or closet that will come into view as soon as you open the door, you can try to paint them with red, yellow or other bright color paint, which will make the whole room full of unique vitality; You can also paint the doors of different rooms with different colors to experience the wonderful feeling of going in and out

◆ furniture: when buying furniture, people usually choose complete sets of products. In fact, different schemes can be considered when "dislocation" decoration. For example, when buying dining tables and chairs, you can choose dining tables and chairs with different styles, or chairs with the same style and different colors; You can also match some Chinese or European classical furniture and accessories in the simple and modern home style; Or try to replace the decorative cabinet with a simple shelf, which can not only make full use of the wall, but also play a unique decorative effect

"dislocation" decoration has a unique taste.

Cen min, design director of contemporary impression decoration design engineering company, introduced that the "dislocation" decoration with novel design and unique taste meets the needs of customers like Zhang Li. The so-called "dislocation" decoration is the combination of elements of different styles based on aesthetics, which is illogical, and forms a reverse thinking decoration mode. You can put classical, Chinese, modern and other styles together, and you can also put jewelry, materials, furniture and other materials into your home, giving people a feeling of misplaced. CEN Min said that today's owners are more rational in decoration. They are good at calculating carefully in order to do the best decoration with the least money. "Introducing the materials originally used for exterior walls or gardens into interior design, the original exquisite space is a little more rugged, giving people a refreshing feeling, and also saving owners a sum of money." Citizen Xiao Zheng said that when you visit a friend's house, you will see their bedroom design at the first glance. Most of them feel nothing new. The same pale yellow walls and white furniture... Why can't you apply creativity to the bedroom? I believe that a little change will make the home full of freshness

"dislocation" decoration focuses on collocation

"dislocation" decoration brings people the most important visual impact, which is generally reflected in several elements, such as lighting, materials, colors, furniture, jewelry, etc., and the feel is also different. Lighting Collocation: where there is need, there is brightness. The use of lighting is very skillful. Generally, the family light source comes from above the head, and the light source is very sufficient. It is a common form to make light belts and hang chandeliers in the ceiling area. And the bedroom with "dislocation" decoration pays more attention to local brightness, so as to show or foil a certain part. CEN Min said that there is no need to design a light belt at the ceiling, and it is OK to use an ordinary light source, but the spotlight is indispensable, and the chandelier is used locally. In addition, you can use lights to highlight details on a certain jewelry or the ground, and the things you like will become more beautiful, adding a bit of mystery and romance

collocation of materials: skillfully use rough materials

many owners may have such an experience. As long as the rooms with similar styles, the design of each family is very same, just like the model room, there is no unique feature. At this time, you might as well spend some time on materials, and apply common materials indoors, which also has unexpected effects. "Cultural stone, sand rock, fire rock, red brick for construction, stone paint, old ship wood and other materials with rough characteristics are slightly used, which shows the uniqueness of becoming a monk. The delicacy cannot hide the roughness." CEN min pointed out that modern people are busy at work and have limited time at home. The selection of such materials also has the advantage of dirt resistance, and residents also save some time for cleaning

furniture accessories Collocation: the contrast effect is strong

soft decorations such as furniture and accessories are an indispensable part of people's life, and their collocation is also very exquisite. The choice of home accessories reflects the taste and personality of the owner. CEN min told reporters that modern people like to buy furniture and accessories and put them at home without considering whether the style is matched or not, which is highly arbitrary. Key points for "dislocation" decoration. CEN min stressed that the unique "dislocation" decoration is not suitable for everyone. "Dislocation" decoration is more popular with young people aged 20-30, who pay more attention to enjoying a romantic and passionate life. But if you have children, "dislocation" decoration begins to become impractical, and with the increase of residents' age, you will also have an aversion to this kind of cold design

avoid color pollution

"dislocation" decoration doesn't like to use partitions and walls to divide space. Glass is used more. Pink, blue, red, green and other colors that don't stick to one pattern add a strong visual impact to the room, but sometimes color pollution will occur if color is used too much. Therefore, in addition to choosing colors according to personal preferences, it is not necessary to use them on a large scale, Local embellishment can also produce unexpected effects. Pay attention to the proportion, give consideration to the functional interior decoration, and pay little attention to the unpleasant things that may occur. We should consider practicality in the spatial pattern and decorative style. The proportion between rooms and the division of cabinets are very important. For example, cen min, the wardrobe in the bedroom can be divided into two areas, one of which is used by the male owner to put clothes, and the other is used by the female owner. This solves the problem of women who have nowhere to put clothes. Considering the functionality and space of a 15 cm thick wall, you can choose 8 cm as the wall, and the remaining 7 cm as a small cabinet, killing two birds with one stone

considering practicality and avoiding waste

house decoration is a big project, which cannot be changed at will in the later stage due to the influence of time, financial resources and other aspects. Therefore, when doing "dislocation" decoration, we should also take into account the harm to children's safety in the future, such as the stone wall and the layout with strong edges and corners. Cen min suggested that the owner should make the wall decoration simple and practical. Rough materials can be used on local walls, and the walls can be directly painted without primer, so it is easy to carry out secondary decoration. First time home owners, do not buy too much furniture, good-looking and comfortable, not necessarily famous brands

consult professional designers before decoration

many owners only pay attention to their preferences, without considering the overall practicality and beauty. Therefore, professional designers should be consulted before decoration, and suggestions should be listened to in terms of accessories, decoration structure, practicality, etc. the effect of doing so is more distinctive





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