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Laser equipment creates a new situation in the printing industry

laser has always been regarded as a term of high technology. The technology and equipment derived from it let people understand the mysterious and legendary functions of high technology, especially its application in the printing industry is worth paying attention to. The application of laser equipment in printing mainly involves plate making and knife mold. The following is a brief introduction with specific examples

laser engraving machine

laser engraving machine is mainly used in plate making in the printing industry. The traditional way of plate making is to draw the graphics or words we need to print on the special rubber plate by hand, and then engrave and modify them with a blade; What is more advanced is to use special software to design the graphics or words we print on the computer, then put the sulfuric acid paper into the needle printer to print the graphics, then cover the paper on the clean rubber plate, print the printed graphics on the rubber plate with a flat and shiny ruler, and then engrave the air power switch manually. It is not difficult to see that such a working method has low efficiency and large errors. At the same time, it can only be used for monochrome printing and rough printing. If you want to carry out fine printing, you can only use the flexible version with higher cost

nowadays, Launched on the market with "LEC laser engraving and cutting machine, led by Boye laser, has completely solved this technical problem. The laser engraving machine uses the high energy and high efficiency of laser to ablate the rubber plate, so as to achieve the purpose of plate making. The specific plate making process is as follows:

1. Simple monochrome plate and overlay printing plate making

first, the graphics to be made are processed in the computer through the computer software core LDraw and Wentai software Piece or other software to trace the graphics and store them in P LT format. Open the special software boy laserexpert for laser engraving machine, open the PLT file just now, and the graphics of this file will be displayed on the screen; Under the condition of ensuring that both the main power supply and the laser power supply of the laser engraving machine are turned on, simply set the engraving parameters such as energy and current in the software, click "run" on the upper right of the software interface, and the laser engraving machine can cut according to the graphic files of the computer. After the Yun 151 Pavilion is finished, remove the rubber plate from the platform and tear off the unused part, so that the plate making is completed. At present, "The laser engraving machine produced by Boye laser has slope engraving, and the minimum formed text (Chinese) is 2.ox2.0mm, (English) Up to 1.ox1.0mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy is.01mm. At present, laser engraving machines are relatively popular equipment in the printing market. According to Boye laser Sales Department, the laser engraving machines produced by the company have occupied a large share of the market. Now they have developed a new engraving device lec0906, which has been recognized by the majority of users because of its low price and stable performance

2. Four color printing

for the printing industry, when you hear "four color printing", you think that its plate making process must be very complex and difficult to solve. At present, the more advanced laser engraving machine on the market can solve such technical problems. Since four-color printing is inseparable from the four colors of C, m, y and K, it should be colored from these four colors and carved by color separation first. Now we will take LEC laser engraving machine produced by "Boye laser" as an example

first, select the graphics to be printed; Open the commonly used graphics processing software photo0sh0p of the computer and open the file; In order to make the graphic carving fine, select "image/image size", set the resolution higher, set the image size to the required size according to the printing requirements, and press "OK"; choice. Image/mode/CMY K image, convert the graphic into a linear change of the feedback data measured to the sensor into a C, m, y, K four-color mode required for printing; Enter the "channel" option and save each channel as the corresponding file (other channels should be deleted); Select "image/mode/grayscale", convert the channel file to grayscale format, then select "image/mode/bitmap", type in "output resolution value", the method is "halftone screen", click "OK", enter the setting of "halftone screen", the frequency is 40-75 lines, the angle is divided into primary and secondary colors, the difference is 2O degrees, and the shape is "circle". Now we can see that the graph forms a grid, with different colors and grids. Finally, the graphics are stored in BMP format. Open the special software boy e laser expert of laser engraving machine and call in the four files just now to set the engraving parameters such as energy and speed; Turn on the main power supply and laser power supply of the laser engraving machine; Put the special resin plate on the operation platform, and move the laser head to the upper left of the resin plate; Click "run" and the device will run automatically

of course, from the above operation process, we can see that computer processing is the basis of graphic carving, and the operation of laser engraving machine is very simple. At present, it is mainly used for color printing of cartons, cartons, woven bags and film bags in the market. Laser knife die cutting machine

laser knife die cutting machine is a device developed in recent years. This device mainly uses the strong energy of laser to ablate the knife template in high depth, so as to achieve the purpose of installing the cutting knife. Compared with the traditional processing technology, this tool mold processing technology: (1) the design is simple. Traditional processing is to draw with pencil or ball pen on the knife template, and then cut the knife template; After using the laser knife mold machine, the design can be carried out directly on the computer without any description. (2) Small error. In the traditional production, the knife template is sawed by the sawing machine, which will cause dislocation and error in the process of moving; The laser knife mold machine is fully automatic and does not need manual intervention. (3) High work efficiency. The traditional processing method is affected by the site equipment and the processing speed is slow; The laser knife mold machine is large format, non-contact, and can run 24 hours a day. Therefore, the application of laser knife die cutting machine can significantly accelerate the development of enterprises and improve economic benefits. It is mainly used in the cutting and cutting of carton models in the printing industry

the working process of the laser knife mold machine is: first design the knife mold to be made in aut ℃ ad or core LDraw, and then store it in the corresponding graphic format, such as DX F, P LT format. Open the professional control software of the production enterprise, import the file, set the corresponding parameters, and then start the equipment to run

from this point of view, the operation is very simple for the laser knife mold machine, which is a revolutionary challenge to the traditional knife mold processing

at present, such products have appeared abroad, which are generally high-power, so the price is high, the investment is large, and the maintenance is difficult, which also provides an opportunity for domestic laser production enterprises. In China,. Boye laser "has independently developed this product. The equipment is equipped with 300W DC excited sealed CO2 laser, which makes the equipment domestic. The device made its debut at the "China International corrugation Exhibition" held in Shanghai in March 2005, causing a great sensation to relevant people at home and abroad. 2oo5 in May. The 6th Beijing printing technology exhibition has become the leader of future modernization. It was the second time to appear with the audience, and its processed samples were sold out. From the analysis of the current market situation, the promotion prospect of this equipment in the market that it has the right to send invitations is unprecedented and huge

reviewing the development of China's printing industry, it has reached a new stage, and the demand for equipment is unprecedented. As the penetration of laser, a high-tech field, in the printing industry, is bound to raise the technology, intelligence and efficiency of packaging equipment to a new stage, and "Boye laser and other laser equipment production enterprises are taking great strides forward. China's printing industry is bright, and the development of China's laser equipment is bound to create a new situation in the domestic printing industry.

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