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Laser holographic anti-counterfeiting labels have become the first choice for daily-use chemical products

the packaging of daily-use chemical products is obviously different from that of other products: daily-use chemical products usually have no external packaging, but the internal packaging is combined with the product itself, and are directly placed and sold on the counter, such as cosmetics, perfume, washing powder, soap, etc. Some daily chemical products are sold in small packages, such as toothpaste, beauty and skin care products. It is precisely because of the different packaging characteristics that the anti-counterfeiting label design of daily-use chemical products should be beautiful and generous, easy to be recognized by consumers and can improve the overall packaging image of the products, so as to promote sales and leave a deep impression on consumers

with the continuous development of economy and market, the demand of daily chemical product manufacturers for labels that should be able to prevent reuse and being exposed is also increasing. At the same time, we also see that the relatively low price of daily chemical products, the affinity with consumers, visual impact, design innovation and other factors also affect the choice of anti-counterfeiting labels by daily chemical manufacturers

in terms of cost, since daily chemical products involve people's livelihood and do not belong to the category of luxury goods, the anti-counterfeiting labels used should not be high-cost, but the cost of low microcomputer controlled wood-based panel universal testing machine cannot be said to be low technical content. Therefore, the cost-effective and high-tech laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label has become the first choice of most daily chemical products

main technical features of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting and anti uncovering labels

1. Dynamic lithography effect laser holography: through the computer programming of the lithography machine, the image is imaged with the positioning and dot technology, and the surface brightness of the logo is excellent. With the change of the angle of view, the pattern in the logo will have a regular and beautiful dynamic effect. Coupled with the layered processing of the pattern, it can obtain a strong sense of hierarchical three-dimensional and more graphic content, Therefore, users can protect their products from being counterfeited by others, which can not only improve the grade of products, but also show their uniqueness and uniqueness, so as to increase the added value of daily chemical products and enhance the brand image

2. Adopt banknote level security shading background design technology: apply personalized shading design for banknotes, passports, visas and other high security products to holographic background. This shading processed by computer is all composed of solid lines, and the lines can be changed unevenly. Various line effects made by secuview anti-counterfeiting design system can This article comes from China's largest daily chemical bottle trading station, China packaging bottle To prevent scanning and copying, even using ultra-high precision scanners or photographic plate making can not reproduce the line shape of the pattern. After scanning the thick and thin lines. It becomes a dot matrix image rather than a vector graphic, and the slight thickness change of the lines will cause loss, so it can prevent copying, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting

the constituent elements of anti-counterfeiting design are divided into many kinds, including Newswire shading, Newswire flowers, lace, microfilament, gradient microfilament, latent image, anti scanning copy line, split line, straight-line relief, curve relief, line thickness change relief, disturbing image (encrypted image), image engraving technology, etc. Each function can be used alone, or several functions can be integrated to form a more complex design

3. The anti-counterfeiting technology is adopted for the back glue treatment: the anti-counterfeiting logo belongs to the self-adhesive type. When used, the logo is pasted on the commodity. When the back glue and foil layer are lifted, they will be left on the pasted object irregularly, and the surface layer is also damaged irregularly, which can effectively prevent the attempt of reuse

4. Personalized shape selection: it can be round, oval, square, or even irregular, such as spindle

cost estimation and problems needing attention in use are calculated by 1million anti-counterfeiting labels. The expenses of daily chemical enterprises mainly include design and plate making expenses, label making expenses, packaging and transportation expenses, etc. Generally, the design and plate making cost is about 5000 ~ 7000 yuan, and the production cost is 2 ~ 3 points, pieces (with an area of about 3 square centimeters), about 20000 ~ 30000 yuan; The cost of packaging and transportation is about 2000 yuan. The total of the three items is less than 40000 yuan

the logo is applicable to the pasted objects of various materials, both flat and sealed. It is recommended to use it as a sealing sticker in use to strengthen its anti revealing effect: to prevent the replacement of true and false, to prevent theft, to prevent the recycling of labels or packages, etc. At the same time, in order to avoid the embarrassment of weak sealing and upright labels caused by too small labels, it is recommended to choose rectangular or appropriately increase the label area

other technologies that can be added

on the above anti-counterfeiting and anti disclosure technology platform with the increase of experimental power, some other anti-counterfeiting technologies can be added with the update of products and the development of forgers to improve the anti-counterfeiting strength, increase the technical content, but do not affect the use of the main technology and the great changes in the appearance of labels. Because huge changes require enterprises to invest a lot of money in publicity, promotion and increase management costs

1. Code query anti-counterfeiting technology: the product unique code is sprayed on the back glue, or the product unique code is sprayed on the front, and a variety of query channels of the national brand anti-counterfeiting and protection query center are used to query the authenticity of products

2. Colorless fluorescent anti-counterfeiting image and text marking technology: use the anti duplication image and text designed by professional anti-counterfeiting design software as the mark, and print it with colorless fluorescent UV safety ink. The appearance is invisible, and anti-counterfeiting graphic marks can be seen under the banknote detector or UV lamp to identify the authenticity of the product

3. Personalized logo or designated text information technology can be added to the gummed graphics and text: during recognition, the preset positive image of invisible graphics and text will be left on the pasted object, and the negative image of invisible graphics and text will be left on the removed logo, which has the characteristics of damage as soon as it is exposed and display as soon as it is damaged. 2. Then it is received by the computer-based universal material testing machine, which cannot be reused

4. Lift the back glue and leave it on the package to display the unique color logo or text and other information of daily chemical enterprises

5. When the product quantity and anti-counterfeiting budget are large enough, hot stamping laser holographic identification technology can also be used, such as Manting soap, Dabao cosmetics, etc

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