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Laser industry: living like a wild grass, eager for sunshine

Abstract: in the laser industry circle of Jinan, almost everyone knows a joke: after foreign investors took a fancy to a 300000 dollar equipment of Jinqiang laser numerical control equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinqiang laser"), they proposed to visit the enterprise on the spot

the laser industry has a deep foundation and a relatively complete industrial chain. Jinan has the advantage that Wuhan Optics Valley envy. However, behind the scenery of Jinan's laser industry, due to its own barbaric growth and the neglect and forgetfulness of the outside world, there are numerous diseases that need to be paid attention to

"barbaric production has become the first export, 500 enterprises have laid the foundation for the industry, 100 billion level industries are within reach, and there is no place for enterprises to grow." Song Zhao, the initiator of Shandong laser industry alliance, wrote a doggerel about the current situation and future expectations of Jinan laser industry

the joke is very strange. The equipment of 1.2 million US dollars is built in a "shack", and the plant is simple and easy to lay a red carpet with a long face.

in the laser industry circle of Jinan, a joke is almost well known: foreign businessmen have taken a fancy to a 300000 US dollar equipment of Jinqiang laser numerical control equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinqiang laser") and proposed to visit the enterprise on the spot. Jinqiang laser was "ashamed to see her parents in law" because the plant conditions were poor. Finally, with a flash of inspiration, he spread the red carpet to "cover up" and "deal with" things

is the joke true? On October 9, in the autumn rain, I found Jinqiang laser on the South Bank of Xiaoqing River in Licheng District after passing through a bumpy village road by navigation. In the simple factory building, there are equipment waiting for export

"being a family" Hou Xiujin pointed to a device, with an export price of $1.2 million. In response to the "red carpet joke", Hou Xiujin said, "we often shop red carpets. As long as foreign businessmen come to visit, they will shop red carpets."

in such a factory, Jinqiang laser summed up a "routine" in the reception of foreign businessmen, and has more confidence: "in addition to laying the red carpet, we will explain it to foreign businessmen from a professional point of view. Those who are knowledgeable will understand it at the first hearing."

there are more than 400 laser enterprises in Jinan, and there are many examples of manufacturing expensive laser equipment in "shacks". Many enterprises, with only one room and two workers, can also produce machines worth more than 100000 yuan. Many people don't believe that high-end machines can do this, and whether the fuel storage in the tank can be enough to come out. Foreign businessmen often stand in the workshop and ask where the workshop is

in the interview led by the Secretary of the Party committee of Jinan newspaper group, the chairman of the board of directors, and the president of Jinan news agency, with the participation of the general manager and two deputy general managers, a residential compound is impressive: there is an enterprise providing supporting services to the laser industry, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. Seeing that enterprises "live" in the environment of village dwellings, I can't help asking why the Golden Phoenix stays in the chicken nest

according to the interview, many laser enterprises are doubling or doubling their growth, and the industry is in the most need of attention and support

the appeal is very realistic "I really want to have a quiet production place", "it is more reliable to cater to the market than technological innovation"

since the Spring Festival this year, in less than 8 months, the plant site of Jinan qiurui Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been moved three times, initially in Wangsheren street, Licheng District, then moved to the north of the Yellow River, and for the third time moved to Zhangjiazhuang, Suncun street, high tech Zone

the laser industry in Jinan, which has a good industrial foundation, needs to develop, and the plant has become a bottleneck. A group of survey data from Shandong laser industry alliance shows that no more than 5 of the more than 400 laser enterprises in Jinan have their own factories. Due to frequent moving and unable to continue production, Jinan qiurui machinery and equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. has refunded more than 10 million yuan for export orders alone this year. "Post-80s" boss Zhang Anming said painfully, "I really want to have a quiet place to produce!"

due to the lack of attention and effective guidance to the laser industry, hundreds of enterprises have shown a "barbaric growth" trend in the rapidly exploding blue ocean of the laser industry: factories are often replaced, and they live in stitches. The development is very rapid, and the output value cannot be explained

renting plants in residential buildings or temporary buildings is subject to many factors. Demolition and environmental protection may become rigid relocation factors for enterprises. Therefore, many practitioners call on the government to plan an area and build an industrial park. Enterprises can rent or buy it to ensure continuous production. Due to the lack of guidance and planning, many laser practitioners only pay attention to the market and do not pay attention to technological innovation. A laser enterprise with an annual output value of 140million yuan, its products are mainly exported, and there is no professional R & D team

songguiliang, general manager of Jinan Naike mechanical equipment Co., Ltd., said, "catering to the market is more reliable than technological innovation. Enterprises need to survive, employees need to eat, and the market is the first." He also stressed that as a downstream field of the laser industry, more efforts should be made to expand the application field. Many "post-80s" and "post-90s" bosses make a quick fortune by working in the laser industry, and they will be safe if they are rich

ecology is very contradictory. The world's leading scientific research achievements can't get out of the laboratory, but the export volume of low-end laser equipment ranks first in the country.

the laser Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, established in 1978, is subordinate to the Provincial Academy of Sciences, and its history is even older than that of the Provincial Academy of Sciences. The institute produces real technology, and many achievements are at the world leading level. For example, "laser methane sensing module", a small module can realize the sensitive test of mine gas. The sensing time is 2 seconds, and the measurement range exceeds 10 kilometers. It is safe and fast without setting up a separate power supply

Cheng Wei, director of the laser Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, admitted that he studied a large number of research results, but had few opportunities to contact industrial enterprises, and many scientific research results could not get out of the laboratory. Laboratories and markets are one step away, and sometimes they can't cross it

local laser research institutions, such as laser research institute, Shandong University, Jinan University, are facing "obstacles" in technology transformation. It is difficult to rely on self transformation. After all, scientific research and market are still "two skins". At present, the laser research institute has established four enterprises, with an annual output value of only 100million yuan, which is far from the strength of many pure manufacturing laser equipment enterprises in Jinan

the Temple belongs to the temple, and the market belongs to the market. To think about it in detail, a very contradictory thing happened in Jinan - it is difficult for Jinan to connect scientific research achievements with industry and market, but the export volume of laser engraving machines has achieved a good result of "the first in the country" envied by outsiders. Jinan ranks first in the export volume of laser equipment on Alibaba international trade platform for many consecutive years. According to the industry, 70% of the world's laser engraving machines come from China, and 80% of China's products come from Jinan

the laser equipment, which ranks first in export, makes the small and medium-sized enterprises in Jinan live well, but the crisis is potential: the laser equipment products in Jinan are mainly small and medium-sized work ② sample deformation measurement: through the large deformation measurement system or the electronic extensometer (small deformation measurement) rate processor, relying on the price advantage for the market, the disadvantages are obvious. Wuhan Optical Valley and Wenzhou laser Industrial Park are emerging in clusters

Ding Zhaoying, executive director of Shandong laser industry alliance, said, "with the reduction of high-end technology costs and equipment prices, low-end equipment will lose its advantages. Enterprises will have food in the future by improving the technical content of products. From this perspective, providing enterprises and scientific research institutions with better docking and transformation channels and platforms, and improving their comprehensive competitiveness is the long-term plan of Jinan laser industry."

it's a pity to break the chain. The laser core is sold back after taking a "Southern bath". The industrial chain lacks integration and peers are wary of each other.

in the workshop of Shandong Langchao Huaguang optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huaguang optoelectronics"), skilled workers are producing laser epitaxial wafers. Epitaxial wafer is the "core of laser" and the core device of laser

the laser core can be made in Jinan, which is little known in Jinan, which ranks first in the production and export of laser equipment in the world. This enterprise is one of the few domestic enterprises with R & D and large-scale production capacity of epitaxial materials and chips. The enterprise achieved mass production of laser epitaxial wafers in 2002, and "China core" is internationally advanced and domestically leading, which is a national "863" project. Today, Huaguang optoelectronics has mastered the packaging technology of 4000 Watt stacked laser with the highest power in the world

if the laser is compared to the head of laser equipment, the "core of laser" is the brain, and Huaguang optoelectronics is obviously in the upper reaches of the laser industry. Qin Peng, director of the technology center of the company, told that the epitaxial films and chips produced were sold to southern enterprises at a high price. They were processed by lasers in the midstream, and then bought back by downstream enterprises in Jinan. As a core part, they were installed on laser processing machine tools. In the view of Huaguang optoelectronics, "it is not difficult to be a laser"

most downstream enterprises in the laser industry lack core technology. Ten years ago, I worked as an engraving machine, but now I work as a laser machine tool, which is clustered in the field of primary material processing. However, there is less development in the fields of laser communication, medical treatment, beauty, welding, display and so on

similar products, the same fields, traditional technology and overlapping customers make most enterprises "do it by themselves behind closed doors". They are most afraid that their peers will visit and their products will be copied. Small and scattered enterprises, lack of industrial chain integration, and less upstream and downstream communication constitute a large number of waste products, let alone collaborative innovation

Qin Peng hopes to realize the closed loop of the whole industrial chain in the upper and middle reaches in the future Jinan laser Industrial Park. Laser epitaxial wafers are directly processed into lasers in Jinan, and transferred to the vast downstream laser equipment manufacturing, so that the laser industry in Jinan can achieve an order of magnitude breakthrough

industry is like the birth of wild grass, but it has been full of green, and the solution of barbarism has been explored

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