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Laser card protection film has been successfully developed in Wenzhou.

Wenzhou Cangnan Lianghua plastic packaging material Co., Ltd. has recently successfully developed the production technology of "laser card protection film", filling a blank in the province. The successful development of this technology will enable the company to be promoted to one of the few designated production enterprises of ID cards, driving licenses, driving licenses and other certificates in China

it is understood that the company has produced ordinary card protection film for more than ten years. With the production and use of card protection film, it seems that the spine has been stably popularized. Its original anti-counterfeiting performance with OC quality of G. adopting advanced production technology and refined management no longer exists, but its intuitive, durable, convenient and other characteristics cannot be replaced by other materials for the time being. Therefore, the company concentrated its technical force on the anti-counterfeiting performance of the product, and finally achieved success after several years of efforts. It is reported that this product is one of the advanced anti-counterfeiting materials. At present, only one or two enterprises in China have the production technology of this product. (Wang Renjie)

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