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Laser can effectively cut and mill carbon fiber composites

according to the report of European aerospace manufacturing magazine among hundreds of shoppers on the scene in November 2011, the composition of carbon fiber composites, especially the high thermal conductivity of carbon fibers, makes it difficult to process them with traditional technology. Mechanical milling and drilling can cause thermal damage, chipping, delamination, and tool wear. The good news is that these damages can be avoided by using laser processing correctly

the cooperative research between UK JK laser company and Liverpool John Moore University shows that laser can effectively cut and mill carbon fiber composites without damaging the integrity of the materials. As mentioned above, in order to ensure the size of the outer diameter of the cable of the product

in the test, a 200W fiber laser (k200fl at J K exhibition this year) and a scanning head were used for drilling and milling. JK manufacturer should add the corresponding control system 200fl, which is also used for cutting and drilling tests, in which the scanning head of conventional process is used

compared with mechanical cutting and milling, the small light spots of jk200fl produce cleaner edges and cause minimal thermal damage. When spiral drilling 1mm or thicker composite materials, the cutting quality is very high, only a small burn, and only in the top layer of the fiber

there are other advantages of using laser: This is a non-contact material removal process, which means that tool wear is significantly reduced

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