The hottest laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line

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Laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line


laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line is an anti-counterfeiting sealing technology for woven bags, including cotton, tapestry line and laser anti-counterfeiting line. One side of the anti-counterfeiting sealing line is printed with pictures and texts with the characteristics of the manufacturer. It is a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting product. It can observe the colorful rainbow luster with the naked eye in natural light, which is convenient for consumers to identify the true and false. The application of anti-counterfeiting sealing line can replace the original sealing line, and the manufacturer does not need to increase the shrinkage of bag forming: 0 7% loading process, and the anti-counterfeiting sealing line has detectability. Red and yellow colors with different accuracy can be observed under the detector. This laser anti-counterfeiting sealing line fundamentally solves the anti-counterfeiting problem of the packaging of powdery materials such as cement, chemical fertilizer, flour, feed, etc

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