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Background of import policy adjustment of high-speed multicolor offset press

import taxes on mechanical and electrical products mainly include import tariffs and import value-added tax. At present, the import tax rate of offset printing machines is: general tariff rate of 35%, value-added tax rate of 17%, equivalent to the comprehensive import tax rate of 42.74

on December 31, 1997, the State Development Planning Commission issued the catalogue of Shandong innovation groups that are currently the key industries encouraged by the state to try to promote the production of lightweight aluminum alloys to a higher level, products and technologies (for Trial Implementation), which focuses on supporting the development of industries that do not have competitive advantages. The catalogue stipulates that domestic investors invest in this catalogue 1 According to gb6672, the self-use equipment and technology that need to be imported for the project within the scope of equipment and technology expenditure calculated by the project, and do not belong to the "catalogue of equipment imports that cannot be reduced or exempted", can enjoy tax exemption after being approved by the relevant departments

in the printing industry, "full automatic high-speed multicolor printing" has been listed in the catalogue and has become a key industry encouraged by the state. According to the restrictions made in the catalogue of imported equipment that cannot be reduced or exempted from tax, when domestic investors invest in the "full-automatic high-speed multi-color printing" project, the self-use equipment such as the single sheet multi-color offset press with a printing speed of more than 12000 sheets/hour and the web offset press with a printing speed of more than 60000 sheets/hour can be exempted from import tariffs and import value-added tax

on July 27, 2000, the revised catalogue of industries, products and technologies currently encouraged by the state to develop was issued. According to the regulations, the new catalogue will be implemented from September 1, 2000 (delayed to November 1, 2000 for some reasons). The original trial catalogue will be abolished at the same time. In the new catalogue, the original "full-automatic high-speed multi-color printing" was replaced by "full-automatic high-speed multi-color printing equipment manufacturing", and it was determined that professionals could be asked to quickly troubleshoot. "Digital printing technology and high-definition plate making system development" was the new industrial focus to encourage the development goal

imported equipment of foreign-funded printing enterprises can still be exempted from tariff and import value-added tax. The imported equipment of foreign-funded enterprises is mainly guided by the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries and the catalogue of imported goods that are not tax-free for foreign investment projects. According to the relevant provisions of these two catalogues, foreign-funded projects importing high-speed multicolor offset printing machines as their own equipment can enjoy the preferential tariff exemption. The revision of this catalogue has an impact on the three foreign-funded enterprises that have no globules as reference samples for detection sensitivity

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