Azdel company launched new thermoplastic composite

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Azdel company of the United States launched a new type of thermoplastic composite material

azdel company of the United States recently launched a new type of thermoplastic composite material - Su perliteazdel sheet. This material is glass produced by new technology to improve the innovation ability. Fiber reinforced foam polypropylene has low processing cost and wide applications. In 2017, the export volume of automobile panels exceeded 10000 tons; And become a qualified supplier of BMW and SAIC General Motors in Germany.

compared with the traditional glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, this sheet is thinner and lighter, and the mass per unit area is about 1/10 of that of ordinary composite materials. The new process uses foam to replace the water in the traditional slurry, so that the glass fiber is more evenly dispersed and the finished sheet is more porous. The material can be used for measuring other tensile properties of short cut glass fiber reinforced plastics, such as car roof lining, body floor, rear wall panel, trunk floor, fender, etc. it can also be used for agricultural machinery, entertainment facilities and medical devices. Azdel company produces superliteazdel sheets suitable for different purposes by adjusting process parameters and controlling the relative density of finished products. At present, the company is planning to expand the application scope of superliteazdel sheet to manufacturing instrument panels and door panels. At the same time, azdel has begun to develop the second generation of superliteazdel sheets in order to meet the needs of people for new products who adhere to the principle of making materials into materials

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