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Laser drilling opens up applications in the field of packaging Xintiandi

using laser to drill micron sized holes is an essential part of many manufacturing processes. These micro holes, which are difficult to be observed with the naked eye, are usually used in packaging bags to control and extend the shelf life of many fresh foods. The size, shape and position of micropores can be controlled at the micron scale, and can provide the required specific functions

modified atmosphere packaging (map) is a good case of these microporous applications, which fully demonstrates how to use the flexibility of laser drilling process to achieve better packaging and fresh-keeping effect. This kind of packaging is mainly used to increase the shelf life of fresh food and frozen food. The growth of healthy food market and fast food market requires that the shelf life of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits and grains can be extended to the maximum extent. The freshness of these foods largely depends on whether the air in the packaging bag is circulated and whether a certain humidity can be maintained in the packaging bag

at the same time, there is also a demand for multi compartment pallet packaging in the packaging market, which is a new driving force for the development of new material industry. In multi compartment tray packaging, each compartment needs to be punched with different holes in order to make the food in a specific compartment have the best storage life. Laser is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool in the production process of packaging products

the above-mentioned packaging materials are usually completed in a high-speed continuous production process. In order to maximize the utilization of packaging materials, laser drilling needs to be highly accurate to achieve the specified air exchange, which is crucial. If we strengthen the in-process and post event management of enterprises that have announced renewable resources specifications, and if the laser drilling process cannot be properly controlled, oval holes or holes with inconsistent shapes and sizes may be generated, eventually resulting in the unavailability of packaging materials

in order to eliminate the inconsistency of drilling holes and realize the matching with the production and processing speed up to 500m/min, German rofin company provided the latest solution for this application - web movement compensation system (WMC), which can control and optimize the size of drilling holes to ensure the consistency of holes, so as to further increase the shelf life of fresh food. This scheme can reduce waste and cost for users, and ultimately achieve a more attractive price

laser is also an ideal solution for selective weakening/easy tearing packaging applications, depending on the actual situation of the impact. Laser can "select" a specific film layer, and can process accurate tear line, while other layers protect products from light, humidity and damage. Rofin's laser system can even be used to carve tear lines of any shape, which will bring more innovative inspiration and ideas to packaging designers. The tear opening characteristic formed after laser processing (it can drill up to 50 holes within 1 cm) provides a consistent opening force, avoiding leakage and even minor injury when opening the product, which may occur due to the unstable quality of traditional mechanical packaging

at present, rofin's laser system has been widely used in the field of packaging, and the human body feels particularly comfortable. "We are making our own efforts to have enough fresh food in people's daily life. (end)

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