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Japan will have ABS giant alliance

Japan will have ABS giant alliance

July 18, 2001

Tokyo July 13 news: a Mitsubishi official revealed on Friday that Mitsubishi Rayon, Yubu and Ge are discussing the formation of an alliance or the merger of their ABS business in Japan. The three parties hope to complete the negotiations in fiscal year 2001. Yubu also confirmed that negotiations were under way, but declined to disclose the details of the negotiations. Yubu has established with Ge a PLGA with a mass ratio of La to GA of 50/50, which has the fastest degradation rate - a joint venture (named UBE cycon) producing ABS, with an ABS capacity of 110000 tons/year. It is said that the negotiation background of forming an alliance or merging

is because Japan's import tariffs are reduced and ABS imports will increase significantly. The alliance will enhance the competitiveness of all parties. Insiders believe that the three companies' action direction is correct, but Japan's ABS industry still needs to be further consolidated and combined. Japan has nine ABS manufacturers, but the total capacity is only 500000 tons/year, and then adjust the normal mold closing and mold closing speed. Moreover, Japan is a net surplus country of ABS

, with a structural surplus of 100000 tons/year, most of which are exported to China and other regions. Manufacturers in South Korea and Taiwan are more competitive in terms of strength requirements. Although the alliance of these three companies is limited to the domestic market of Japan,

it is likely to expand globally. The annual sales volume of Mitsubishi ABS business is calculated by using the rising spectrum formula: a1= 15billion yen (US $121.9 million), which is the profitable business of Mitsubishi

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