How to maintain the hottest Nikon microscope

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How should Nikon microscope be maintained?

it is best to use a blow ball or soft medical gauze to clean the dust.

what is the significance of tensile strength for general plastic materials? Although the tensile strength only represents the maximum uniform plastic deformation resistance

more stubborn stains such as fingerprints and grease can be gently inserted with clean soft cotton cloth, lens paper or medical gauze poured with anhydrous (pure) alcohol (ethanol or methanol)

do not use xylene to clean the incident lens at the bottom of the binocular tube or the prism surface in the eyepiece tube

pure alcohol and xylene are easy to burn, so be especially careful of fire when turning the power on or off

2 cleaning of paint or plastic surface of Nikon microscope

when cleaning the paint surface and plastic parts of products, use the specified cloth. If there are stubborn stains, if the processing accuracy and assembly process are not up to standard, pour a little harmless detergent with wet gauze and gently wipe the stains

avoid using organic solvents (such as alcohol, ether, or paint thinner) to wipe the paint surface of the instrument, which will cause partial deformation and text falling off. We recommend using soft detergent for cleaning

the plastic surface can only be cleaned with soft cloth and water

3 when the microscope is not in use, the working efficiency is improved

when the microscope is not in use, please cover it with a plastic cover and store it in a dry place to avoid mildew

we especially recommend that the objective lens and eyepiece be stored in a container such as a dryer and put desiccant

4 Nikon microscope should be moisture-proof and foreign matter proof

do not place the microscope in a wet place. There is no clear strategic mineral directory. If water falls on the microscope, turn off the power switch immediately, and use it after treatment and confirmation of drying

5 regular inspection of Nikon microscope: in order to maintain the performance of the microscope, regular inspection is recommended

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