How to maintain the sewing machine

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How to maintain the sewing machine

I. cleaning of sewing machine:

1. Cleaning of cloth feeding teeth remove the screws between the needle plate and the cloth feeding teeth, remove cloth wool and dust, and add a small amount of sewing oil

situation of the construction project (■ new, reconstruction and expansion) 2. Cleaning of the shuttle bed. The shuttle bed is the core of the work of the sewing machine and is also the most prone to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to often remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing oil

3. Cleaning of other parts. The surface of the sewing machine and all parts in the panel should be cleaned frequently

II. Lubrication of sewing machine:

special sewing oil must be used. The sewing machine should be fully oiled after a day or several days of continuous use. If you add oil between uses, make the machine idle for a period of time to fully soak the oil and throw out the excess oil, and then wipe the machine head and table with a clean soft cloth to avoid soiling the sewing material. Then thread the rags, wipe them with the motion of the sewing thread, and throw out the excess oil stains until there is no oil stains on the rags, and then carry out formal sewing. The oiling parts are:

1. Each oil hole on the machine head, lubricating the upper shaft and the parts connected with the upper shaft

surface roughness of parts and workpieces of impact broaching machine manufactured by Jinan experimental machine manufacturer 2. Components inside the panel and movable components connected to each component. Lubricate the presser foot bar and needle bar as well as the components connected with them

3. Clean the moving parts of the lower parts of the machine board and add less oil

the purpose of each refueling hole and refueling part is to regularly check and revise the experimental machine. The refueling volume does not need to be too much, just one or two drops

III. pay attention to the following points when maintaining the sewing machine:

1. After the work is completed, insert the needle into the needle hole plate, lift the presser foot, and cover the machine head with the machine cover to prevent dust debris from invading. Valve inlet pump industrial washing machine

2. When starting to work, first check the main parts, how heavy it is to step on, whether there is a special sound, whether the machine needle is normal, etc. if abnormal phenomena are found, they should be repaired in time

3. After the machine has been used for a long time, it should be overhauled. If the parts with large wear are found, they should be replaced with new ones

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