How to maintain the hottest paper softness meter

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How to maintain and maintain the paper softness instrument

the paper softness real-time dynamic display load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental speed and experimental curve softness instrument is a test instrument that simulates the softness of hand feeling. Produced by kunshanhai prestressed concrete strand gb/t 5224 (2) 003 Da instrument, the model hd-539 is suitable for high-end household paper, tobacco flakes, fiber products and other materials. It is a common axially loaded constant amplitude fatigue testing machine for softness measurement

how to maintain the paper softness meter

1 . The operator should read the instructions carefully and strictly abide by the operating procedures and precautions. Non dedicated personnel should not operate or adjust various experimental curves (residual experimental force or logarithmic residual force, relaxation force or logarithmic relaxation force, relaxation rate or logarithmic relaxation rate, temperature and other relationship curves with time or logarithmic time) that can be selected according to the standard requirements

2 . Always keep the inside of the instrument clean to prevent dust and water vapor from invading the machine

3. The upper cover of the instrument should be covered when it is not in use. If it is not used for a long time, moisture-proof agent should be placed in the machine to prevent electronic components from being damaged by moisture. It should be powered on at regular intervals to preheat and drive away moisture

4. If the instrument fails, please ask the maintenance technician to check and deal with it. Don't run with it

5. The main shaft bearing should be lubricated intermittently, but attention should be paid not to add too much. Generally, only one drop of clock oil needs to be added each time

in case of the following related faults of the paper softness meter, contact the manufacturer's personnel in time for maintenance:

1 The LCD screen of the startup display window is not on

2. There is a beep alarm sound after startup

3. The measuring head does not move up and down after startup

4. Do not print after the test

5. The print result is inconsistent with the display result

6. Touching the measuring head by hand causes the sensor to overload

7. When accessories are damaged

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