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How to maintain the photo machine in hot summer

how to maintain the photo machine in hot summer? In recent days, high temperature weather has appeared all over the country, and even reached more than 40 degrees in the south, while the best working temperature of the photo machine is Celsius. How can we maintain it in this hot weather? Now we put forward some suggestions on this issue for your reference

high temperature weather also has a great impact on the ink of the photo machine. Too high temperature will cause friction and wear testing machine. How to measure the ink flying and galling of the photo machine may be that the indoor air is too dry, so you can often sprinkle some water on the ground to keep the humidity normal. Pay attention to anti-static and dry ink for the nozzle, and check whether the photo machine is grounded. It is also important to clean the nozzle with alcohol. There is also regular maintenance of the machine to reduce the impact of dust on the machine, such as wiping the sliding optical axis of the car every day, adding alcohol with clean cloth or paper towels from 11 enterprises, prohibiting the use of any clock oil, wiping ink cartridges and grating strips, cleaning them every week, and checking the contact pieces of the ink car and ink head every day to ensure that there is no ink pollution, and preventing too much alcohol from dissolving micro electricity, etc. Regular maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the photo machine, but also save you expenses with innovative and practical value. Therefore, we remind Lecai users to pay attention to the maintenance of the photo machine

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