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How to maintain the three kinds of walls with painted tiles and wallpaper

how to maintain the three kinds of walls with painted tiles and wallpaper

June 28, 2013

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cleaning and maintenance methods of ceramic tile walls in summer

the price of ceramic tile wall laying is relatively high. Due to breaking through the bottleneck of industrialized preparation, it has the characteristics of fire and moisture prevention and not easy to be damaged after paving, which is mainly used for the decoration of kitchen and bathroom walls. Ceramic tile walls are easier to clean and maintain than other kinds of walls. However, kitchen and bathroom ceramic tile walls are generally easy to get dirty. When summer comes, let's see what convenient and effective cleaning methods are available for ceramic tile wall cleaning

◆ general stain cleaning of ceramic tile wall

for general stains, soft dry rags can be used to deal with them. In case of stains that must be cleaned with water, it is recommended to use a rag that is soaked and twisted dry until it does not drip. After cleaning, it is best to open the doors and windows immediately to let the air circulate and dry the water vapor on the ceramic tile wall. In wet weather in summer, wipe it again with a dry cloth, and then turn on the air conditioner for dehumidification

◆ cleaning of special stains on ceramic tile walls

oil stains on kitchen walls in summer are easy to dry and firm, and are not easy to clean. In this regard, if the greasy dirt on the tiles or cracks is really thick, you can shovel it with a shovel or clean it with a steel ball first. After the stain is thinned, clean it with detergent containing acid or soluble components. Paste anti greasy stickers on the tiles with heavy greasy dirt, and apply the joint beautifying agent on the seams of the tiles, which is both beautiful and oil resistant

the hot weather in summer greatly increases the utilization rate of the bathroom, which also leads to the accumulation of soap dirt on the bathroom wall. For the soap dirt on the ceramic tile, you can first wash it with warm water to dissolve some of the soap dirt, and then gently wipe it with a brush

in addition, you can also use sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution, drop it on the brick surface, and wipe it after standing for a few minutes. The stains left by soap can be avoided. After taking a bath every day, wipe off the soap foam on the wall in time; In addition, a layer of antifouling agent can be painted on the ceramic tiles at the corner of the bathroom, which can effectively avoid soap scaling

cleaning and maintenance methods of wallpaper walls in summer

wallpaper is popular because of its high ornamental and convenient decoration construction. It is mainly used to decorate living rooms and bedrooms. But wallpaper is the most vulnerable, so we should pay special attention to maintenance. When summer comes, let's see how wallpaper should be cleaned and maintained

◆ summer wallpaper maintenance: cleaning precautions for different wallpapers

PVC adhesive wallpaper cleaning: the higher temperature in summer makes the PVC molecules on the surface of the wallpaper more active. When cleaning with water, if there is too much water or the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the infiltration of water into the bottom layer of the wallpaper. Therefore, warm water should not be used for cleaning

pure paper wallpaper cleaning: pure paper wallpaper can be divided into native wood pulp paper and recycled wood pulp paper. The relative toughness of primary wood pulp paper is better than that of regenerated paper, and the market price of vanadium on the surface has doubled, which is relatively smooth. Pure paper wallpaper has weak water resistance. It is best not to use wet cloth to clean the surface

cleaning of wallpapers made of natural materials: since the colors of natural materials are mostly dyed in dye vats, the color retention of wallpapers is not high, and there will be obvious discoloration when cleaning wallpapers with water. It is recommended to use dry towels or feather dusters to clean wallpapers

non woven wallpaper cleaning: non woven fabrics are also called "non woven fabrics" because of their appearance and some properties. Clean non-woven fabrics should be dusted with a feather duster, and then use a clean wet towel to maintain cleaning by pasting

◆ maintenance of wallpaper in summer: avoid direct ultraviolet rays

in summer, when the wallpaper is exposed to sunlight, it is easy to fade due to the role of ultraviolet rays. Wallpaper experts suggest that when residents are not at home, they should use curtains or shutters to block out the light and avoid direct sunlight

◆ wallpaper maintenance in summer: avoid uneven cold and hot air flow

be careful not to let the hot air of air conditioning and other equipment blow directly onto the wallpaper, because the wallpaper may also deform and change color when heated. In summer, wallpaper usually has the phenomenon of glue opening and partial wall falling off, which is mainly caused by the indoor temperature, humidity, thermal expansion and cold contraction of other decorations

◆ wallpaper maintenance in summer: pay attention to adjusting indoor humidity

cigarette smoke or kitchen lampblack will make the wallpaper yellow in a short time; Moisture is the main cause of stains, peeling and mildew. In order to avoid these two situations, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining indoor ventilation and humidity regulation in order to avoid low drug adsorption in summer

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with the arrival of summer, climate change has brought many troubles to our home maintenance. The capriciousness of hot summer and rainy season can easily lead to various wall problems. For the current three mainstream wall decoration, the methods of daily cleaning and maintenance and special treatment are collected for your reference

cleaning and maintenance methods for painted walls in summer

painting walls is economical, clean and simple, and is the primary choice for home wall decoration at present. Relatively speaking, painted walls are easy to be damaged and repaired. When summer comes, in order to keep the painted walls clean, let's take a look at the cleaning and maintenance methods

◆ generally clean the stains on the painted wall

clean it in summer. If you find dirt on the wall, wipe it in time. The water-resistant wall can be scrubbed with cloth, and then dried with a dry towel; For the water-resistant wall, wipe it with rubber or dip a towel in some cleaning liquid and wipe it gently after screwing it dry

◆ treatment of mildew on painted walls

it is humid and rainy in summer, and the walls near the bathroom and kitchen are prone to mildew, which affects the beauty of the walls. In case of mildew on the wall, as time goes by, for the white wall, wipe it with bleach, which can not only effectively remove the mildew on the surface, but also disinfect it; For colored paint, it is recommended to use professional wall mold remover. In order to prevent moldy walls, daily moisture-proof maintenance is very important

in humid and rainy summer, tea or activated carbon can be placed at the foot of the wall near the bathroom and kitchen to absorb moisture, and professional dehumidifiers or the dehumidification function of air conditioners can also be used

◆ treatment of cracks on painted walls

if cracks appear on painted walls, directly shovel off the cracked parts and repair them with paint of the same color. After repair, polish the joint position of the old and new paint with sandpaper to increase aesthetics. Common wall cracks are generally due to sudden changes in climate. Therefore, in hot and rainy weather in summer, the indoor temperature and humidity should be adjusted through the switches of doors and windows, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc., so as to avoid the rapid expansion and contraction of the wall due to the changeable climate, resulting in cracks

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