How to maintain the regulating valve

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How to maintain the control valve

how to maintain the failure of the control valve during use? Most people don't know it very well. What I want to say is that the instrument technicians are very important for the maintenance and repair of the throttle valve of the commissioning (4) experimental machine. It requires little maintenance after installation, and there are many parts that can be mobilized, and it can work continuously. Failure is inevitable, but in the actual application process, the operating technicians rarely take it seriously, thinking that once it is installed, it should not be maintained, Just use it. Maintenance personnel should be familiar with the maintenance procedures of the regulating valve and the technical requirements of the product manual of the regulating valve; Be familiar with the structure and working principle of the regulating valve. The engine and nacelle will be used as an integrated driving system. This machine can not only have a better effect on the power line, but also meet the technical requirements of design and disassembly

understand the role of the corresponding regulating valve in the mold temperature and pressure of each part during the process production, and be familiar with the requirements of the process production process for the regulating valve; Master the use method of instruments and meters required for the maintenance of regulating valve, and the maintenance work mainly includes ordinary detection and regular cleaning and replacement. The daily maintenance work of the regulating valve includes the elimination of stress, and various stresses caused by improper installation or combination. Regularly check whether there is rust, welding slag, dirt, etc. in the connecting pipe of the regulating valve, and remove it in time after discovery. Check the support of the regulating valve, remove the dirt of the air source, hydraulic oil and other energy supply, and check the safe operation. In some dangerous places, pay more attention to the details, check the tightness of the sealing cover, power supply, etc., and try to ensure the safe and normal operation of the regulating valve and relevant accessories

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