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Does Coca Cola need to be wrapped in paper to affect its taste

release date: Source: packcon packaging container exhibition

Coca Cola is a popular beverage all over the world and is deeply loved by people. But, you know what? It is also a producer of plastic waste and has been rated number one for four consecutive years

Coca Cola cooperated with Danish paboco company to design and develop a paper bottle to replace the original plastic packaging

this summer, Coca Cola will pilot the sale of this paper bottle plant beverage in the Hungarian market. See 2. The inconvenience of the traditional zigzag experiment: (1) the zigzag experiment position of the oil cylinder mounted universal experimental machine is high, and everyone has a high acceptance of paper bottle packaging. In order to protect the environment, Coca Cola, which has been rated as the world's largest plastic pollution enterprise for three consecutive years, is finally going to do something about plastic bottles

this may set off a new wave of "paper bottle drinks"

what is Coca Cola's paper bottle drink like? The appearance is different from that of plastic bottles, but adopts a cylindrical design that is almost straight up and down

of course, this is not the key point. Its biggest innovation is that the shell is made of Nordic wood pulp paper, which is 100% recyclable

moreover, it is tough and has excellent plasticity

at the same time, there is a layer of biomaterial protective film on its inner wall, which is suitable for liquid products such as carbonated drinks and distilled water

in addition, the thread of the bottle mouth can also be made very fine

it is worth mentioning that even the bottle cap is made of paper

metal or biological composite materials can also be used

at the same time, sustainable ink or laser engraving can be directly printed on the bottle, which is convenient and greatly reduces the amount of materials

in this way, the whole bottle can be easily recycled without plastic pollution

it can even be designed into various shapes to package different Coca Cola products

according to the introduction, Coca Cola will first launch this paper bottle packaging adez in Hungary, which is 250ml and limited to 2000 bottles

Stijn Franssen, head of packaging innovation in Coca Cola's R & D department in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said:

we firmly believe that paper packaging can play a role in the future. A paper bottle is about to open a new packaging world according to Yao Dinggui, Secretary of the Party committee of the company

this plan is one of Coca Cola's "waste free world" initiatives. It is not groundless for Coca Cola to bring up a "paper bottle" trend

Coca Cola led the trend of beverage packaging long ago. Its unique curved bottle packaging was designed in 1915 and followed by many beverage brands

in 1950, this design was also published on the cover of time 5, the time of experiment weekly in the United States, and became the first commercial product to appear on the cover of the magazine

since 2018, Coca Cola has formulated a set of environmental protection plans to deal with pollution, including 100% recyclability of all packaging in 2023, and at least 50% recycled materials in all plastic packaging

in fact, Coca Cola's glass bottles and aluminum cans are already 100% recyclable, and recycling all bottles is the most important problem. But paper is easier to be biodegradable and recycled than plastic, glass and cans

for Coca Cola plastic bottles that are still widely distributed in the market, consumers are still looking forward to Coca Cola developing a new, innovative and sustainable packaging

next, this new paper bottle drink adez will also be innovated in the test, including its durability, in bottle drink protection ability and so on

Coca Cola hopes to continue to develop 100% recyclable bottles that can be applied to other products, including liquids, carbon dioxide, and even oxygen, and to completely replace plastic bottles with sustainable paper bottles in the future

for consumers, product premium and consumption experience are more worthy of consideration by enterprises. Paper straws and paper bottles are an epitome of the road to plastic prohibition and environmental protection. The future of environmental protection is bright, but the road is still long

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