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Will palm sized unmanned aerial vehicles become standard equipment for soldiers

What can a mini UAV with small electromechanical exchange power do? In the past, many people felt that it could only be used as a toy. After all, the smaller the UAV is, what can a palm sized Mini UAV do

in the past, many people felt that they could only be used as toys. After all, the smaller the size of the UAV, the shorter the endurance, and the various sensors it carries will shrink accordingly. Perhaps the biggest role is the toys in children's hands

however, with the maturity of technology and the continuous reduction of price, mini UAV not only began to appear in more and more life scenes, but also began to become an increasingly important tool in the military. Just recently, the U.S. military and FLIR signed a contract worth $39.6 million to equip the U.S. military with mini spy drones. Why on earth can this small drone attract the U.S. military, You might as well take a look at the official video first:

black hornet personal r universal experimental machine produced by Jinan experimental machine factory is still the preferred econnaissance systems for many customers, hereinafter referred to as PRS). The shape is very small, and the actual size is indeed similar to the palm of an adult. With a diameter of 6.6 inches (about 16.7 cm) and a weight of 33 grams, it is very portable, which is very important for marching soldiers

unlike the common UAV, PRS is similar to a helicopter in design and has two propellers. When it is used, it can take off with one hand pinched at the bottom

no matter day or night, this UAV can provide high-definition photos and real-time video, with a picture resolution of 1600 × 1200, video resolution 640 × 480。 In addition, the official also equipped it with a corresponding handheld ground control station, and encrypted the signal to prevent its shooting content from being obtained by a third party

speaking of speed, although PRS is only the size of a palm, although sparrows have all kinds of internal organs, their maximum flight speed can reach 13.35 miles/hour (about 21.4 kilometers/hour), and maintain this speed to fly 1.24 miles, with a endurance time of 25 minutes. Even though it is small, its wind resistance is still good. It can withstand up to 20 knots of gust (wind force 5), and can play its value in complex scenes

in addition, PRS UAV is equipped with GNSS positioning system and indoor positioning function. Support manual hover, follow and treat each customer as our closest friend or family, and automatically return when the battery is low. In order to adapt to the possible extreme weather conditions, PRS can adapt to the temperature range from -10 ℃ to 43 ℃. It can also fly normally in light rain, which can be said to adapt to all kinds of environments

the particularity of appearance, configuration and performance makes PRS a reconnaissance UAV very suitable for use in the battlefield. Although its endurance is not as good as that of a larger UAV, its small size is very suitable for reconnaissance. Even if it enters a narrow pipe, it can still fly freely, so this UAV can become the "eye" of flight, Even in complex environments, it can quickly detect the surrounding environment

as a pair of flying "eyes", PRS has become a part of the soldier borne sensor project. According to foreign media, the ultimate goal of the U.S. Army is to provide PRS UAVs and ground control stations for almost all members of 7000 teams. Not only the military, owning these mini UAVs can also play an important role in rapid rescue, as the U.S. military spokesman said:

"With these aircraft with cameras, soldiers will be able to see further across obstacles, which they could not see in real time in the past."

in fact, it is not the first time that unmanned aerial vehicles have been used in military affairs. On the Syrian battlefield in 2013, terrorists modified unmanned aerial vehicles. By adding weapons such as anti tank grenade warheads, low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles instantly become self killing aircraft bombs handy to terrorist organizations, and thus become another new threat on the modern battlefield. Since then, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and anti unmanned aerial vehicles have become a problem considered by various countries. Previously, we have also reported that the anti unmanned aerial vehicle pistol invented by scientific researchers appeared to solve similar problems. With the popularity of unmanned aerial vehicles in China, the use specifications and limited conditions of unmanned aerial vehicles are gradually improving

the topic returns to today's PRS UAV. With the reduction of UAV technology cost, and the progress in camera sensors, battery charging efficiency, material science and other aspects, UAV can be miniaturized while giving consideration to endurance and shooting effect, which makes it increasingly become a "hot cake" in military. Therefore, we should also pay more attention to how to master and deal with such a situation in the future battlefield. After all, How far such technology can go is another curious thing

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