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Does the VOCs waste gas treatment facility require secondary treatment? Please see the reply of the provincial department

release date: Source: Shandong Provincial Department of ecological environment and Guangdong Provincial Department of ecological environment

what standards are implemented for VOCs emission in the rubber shoe manufacturing industry of c1954

question: dear leaders of the provincial department, hello. The detailed explanation of the national economic industry classification c1954 rubber shoe manufacturing is: refers to the production activities of sports shoes and other rubber shoes and rubber shoe parts with rubber as sole and upper. Excuse me, is VOCs emission implemented in part 6 or part 7 of the landmark for the manufacturing of rubber shoes and rubber soles (the process is internal mixing, open refining, vulcanization, etc.)

reply: the reply to your inquiry is as follows: the manufacturing of rubber shoes and rubber soles should comply with the emission standard of volatile organic compounds Part 7: other industries (db37/2801.)

classification standard of the list of key regulated enterprises of volatile organic compounds

question: our company was not included in the list of key regulated enterprises of volatile organic compounds last year, and was included in the list this year. What conditions do enterprises need to meet to be included in the list of key regulated enterprises of volatile organic compounds

reply: Hello! In order to accurately and effectively control VOCs enterprises, we refer to the data of the second pollution census and the emission source investigation of some cities in the early stage, combined with the actual needs of local ozone pollution prevention and control, from the VOCs emission enterprises in the province, according to the annual emission of more than 15 tons in cities in the Pearl River Delta region and more than 3 tons in cities in the East and northwest of Guangdong Province, Select the enterprises listed in the list of key volatile organic compounds regulated enterprises in Guangdong Province (the first batch of 2020 Edition) in the notice of Guangdong Provincial Department of ecological environment on printing and distributing the work plan for comprehensive treatment of key volatile organic compounds regulated enterprises when the compression force of the sample on the impact testing machine is too large, and carry out number cancellation treatment

whether VOCs treatment requires relevant equipment

problem: our company is a wood floor processing enterprise, which involves the glue in the main hot pressing link of VOCs emission, and the paint in the roller coating link (UV paint - the environmental protection paint advocated by the government). Regular testing is carried out by a third party every year, and the results of organized and unorganized VOCs emission data in the workshop and factory meet the requirements of DB44. If our company has met the requirements of volatile organic compounds emission standards for the furniture manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province, do we need to install other corresponding treatment equipment

reply: Hello! The prevention and control of air pollution should be carried out in accordance with laws and regulations and with precision. Furniture industry enterprises should strictly implement the national "unorganized emission standard of volatile organic compounds" (GB) and Guangdong Province "emission standard of volatile organic compounds in furniture manufacturing industry" (DB 44/) and other relevant national, provincial and municipal regulations and standards, implement the main body of enterprise governance, and ensure stable and up to standard emissions

several problems of environmental protection treatment facilities

problem: Hello, does the waste gas treatment facilities in Nanhai District of Foshan require secondary treatment? (the waste gas mainly contains non methane total hydrocarbons, VOCs). If it is necessary to use secondary treatment, whether the end of the treatment facilities must use activated carbon adsorption, which greatly reduces the production cost of plastic products enterprises? Are the requirements for treatment facilities supported by relevant department documents? Since I consulted several environmental protection agencies and got different answers, I asked the official for an authoritative explanation. Thank you

reply: Hello! According to the comprehensive treatment plan for volatile organic compounds in key industries (HQC [2019] No. 53) issued by the Ministry of ecological environment, it is required to promote the construction of appropriate and efficient treatment facilities. When enterprises build new pollution treatment facilities or transform existing pollution treatment facilities, they should reasonably select treatment technologies according to the concentration, composition, wind volume, temperature, humidity, pressure, and production conditions of the discharged waste gas. Enterprises are encouraged to adopt the combined process of various technologies to improve the efficiency of VOCs treatment. For waste gas with low concentration and large air volume, concentration technologies such as zeolite runner adsorption, activated carbon adsorption, air reduction and concentration increase should be adopted to improve the concentration of VOCs for post purification treatment. Condensation + adsorption, adsorption + absorption, membrane separation + adsorption and other technologies should be adopted for oil and gas (solvent) recovery. Please follow the relevant national requirements. According to the local ambient air quality improvement needs, all parts of the province may introduce some specific implementation measures under the condition of meeting the requirements of the superior Article 6, bellows ring stiffness testing machine test pieces. Please consult the local ecological environment department for details

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