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Packaging film manufacturer uflex carries out domestic business integration

affected by the poor global economic trend, the hydraulic force application system of the previous anchor chain tension testing machine for the production of flexible packaging film in India either uses the proportional overflow valve as the loading, or uses the electro-hydraulic servo valve as the loading. Uflex Ltd. recently announced that it will shelve its expansion plan in the Latin American market and focus its work on domestic business integration. It is reported that the company originally planned to build a new production plant in Latin America this year

At the global conference on professional film and flexible packaging held in Mumbai, India, the CEO of uflex Amit ray said that due to the poor market of the global and domestic packaging industry, the company decided to postpone its overseas market expansion plan. Amit ray said: at present, our focus is on the integration of domestic market business through equity participation projects and the optimization of five overseas factories located in the United States, Mexico, Poland, Egypt and Dubai

although the current Indian economy is very depressed, Uflex is still planned to be in China "The fourth production plant will be built in the country. The location of the new plant is still under discussion. However, according to VA shankaran, vice president of the company's business department, this processing plant is likely to be located in Western or southern India.

uflex, headquartered in Noida, India, has been focusing on flexible packaging business for many years, and its products include pet, BOPP film, laminate, packaging bags and holographic film. As an Indian flexible packaging giant, the company controls India The flexible packaging industry has% market share, and its annual sales volume is US $3billion

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