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Do mold enterprises need to implement lean production

does the mold enterprise need to implement lean production? This is a very confused problem for the CEOs of mold enterprises. Although lean production has many advantages, and many enterprises have implemented it effectively, with many mature customer cases, a large number of enterprises are still difficult to make up their minds to implement it. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. It is necessary for us to summarize the criteria and conditions for whether lean production needs to be implemented, so that enterprises can make effective decisions

prerequisites for mold enterprises to implement lean production

whether the production status of the enterprise effectively adapts to the market environment and whether there is a lot of waste in the production site of the enterprise are the main criteria for enterprises to implement lean production, and they are also the main objectives of implementing lean production

1. Whether the production status of the enterprise effectively adapts to the market environment

the law of market competition is the survival of the fittest. Today's market is characterized by intensified changes, adapting to the rapidly changing market environment, and effectively ensuring quality, cost, delivery time and other elements, so enterprises have a competitive advantage. Luo Baihui pointed out that the realization of competitive elements such as quality, cost and delivery date is based on manufacturing, that is, production status basically determines product quality, cost and delivery date, and then determines the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises. If the production situation of the enterprise has not adapted to the market environment, and the enterprise has exhausted various traditional methods and is still difficult to reverse the crisis, the enterprise should turn to lean production to change the production situation

2. Whether there is a lot of waste on the production site of the enterprise

the existence of a large amount of waste will inevitably lead to an increase in production costs and directly affect production efficiency. Most enterprises can achieve cleanliness on the production site with some effort. However, it is difficult for most enterprises to effectively identify and reduce waste on the site. When the enterprise has made great efforts to make the production site clean and tidy, and believes that it has minimized waste, Luo Baihui suggested that the enterprise might as well ask professional consultants to diagnose the production site with more accurate results to see if there is still a large amount of waste on our site that has not been noticed before. When it is difficult for enterprises to effectively reduce waste by using the original methods, enterprises should seek lean production to identify and eliminate waste

important conditions for effective implementation of lean production

when the above problems are prominent, enterprises should implement lean production. There are several important conditions for enterprises to effectively implement lean production in the end

1. Whether the top management of the enterprise has recognized the importance of the problem and made up their minds to change. When the top management of the enterprise has a certain correct understanding of lean production, it will be more able to find problems, lead changes and achieve success

2. Whether the enterprise has appropriate consulting partners to assist in implementation. It is difficult to implement lean production. How to effectively combine lean production theory and methods with the enterprise is one aspect of the difficulty, and what is more difficult is the change of people and traditional habits. Finding appropriate consulting partners can effectively promote the implementation of the project

3. Project planning and cost budget. The introduction of lean production projects. 2. The popular technologies and principles of plastic modification usually take half a year or more. We should plan well, set goals, and clarify the cost budget to promote implementation

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