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Whether the new retail industry should follow the new retail industry or not is the most critical issue is whether it can improve the operation efficiency of enterprises, and effectively solve the three pain points of high customer acquisition cost, low customer flow and serious homogenization in the home industry, which essentially determines whether the new retail is a gold sucking method or a "pseudo concept". At present, whether the new retail can bring qualitative changes to the home furnishing industry still needs a question mark

the new retail concept has not been born for a long time, but it has swept across all industries at a whirlwind speed. However, whether it really brings qualitative changes to the industry and solves pain points and problems in essence remains to be considered. Under this new topic, everyone is an explorer, and there are also huge risks and opportunities. For the relatively traditional home furnishing industry, actively embracing new concepts and models may lead to a new continent

two months have passed, and the discussion on new retail is still heard at the furniture exhibition. At the famous furniture exhibition in Dongguan, a grounded theme salon was held because it exceeded the specified test scope. One of the topics discussed was "how to sell products more smoothly in the new home retail". Today, let's review the current situation of "new retail" which was born two years ago. Can the new retail really solve many problems in the pan household industry

the essence of new retail - improve enterprise operation efficiency

after Ma Yun proposed new retail at the end of 2016, many enterprises, including the home furnishing industry, began to transform. The so-called new retail is the combination of online and offline logistics. The core purpose is to improve the operation efficiency of enterprises, so as to increase profits and reduce labor costs. Realize the accommodation of multiple channels, use data to integrate resources, and sell products efficiently and labor-saving

current situation and playing methods - new technical means to assist retail

the current situation of new retail is to follow the pace of Internet giants such as tmall and, and benchmark new retail playing methods such as unmanned stores, super species, scene experience, self-service sales. In the experience oriented building materials, home furnishing, decoration and other Pan home furnishing industries, online and offline o2o collaborative operations have almost become the standard configuration of first and second tier brands

on February 11 this year, unexpectedly home received an investment of 5.453 billion yuan to cooperate with Alibaba in new retail. Its purpose is to achieve a comprehensive digital upgrade, get through the commodity database of the member systems of both sides, and realize the scene reconstruction and experience upgrading of consumers' choosing building materials and buying furniture

the fundamental problem of home retail - the high cost of customer acquisition and drainage

in fact, for the home industry, the biggest problem of retail is drainage. On the one hand, the stores are expanding infinitely. On the other hand, the traffic of people has not increased significantly, but the standard of settled merchants is getting higher and higher. The sales are not in direct proportion, and the cost of getting customers and orders is rising day by day. The crisis is obvious. In 2017, the sales volume of building materials and household stores above Designated Size nationwide was 917.37 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 22.60%

the two home furnishing chain giants, red star Macalline and incredibly home, have more than hundreds of stores in 2017, and will reach 1000 or more in the future. At the same time, some chain stores rely on their own influence to "kidnap" enterprises, which increases the financial burden of enterprises and makes enterprises deeply burdened by "improper number of stores". Although the overall sales volume of stores remains unchanged, the benefits of some single stores do not rise but fall. The emergence of new retail mode is to explore how to solve the problem of customer acquisition cost of traditional terminal retail channels

Omni channel layout of new retail to solve the pain points of the industry

so the key problem of new retail is whether it can improve the operation efficiency of enterprises, so as to effectively solve the three pain points of high customer acquisition cost, low customer flow and serious homogenization in the household industry, and decide whether the new retail is a gold sucking method or a "pseudo concept"

in the experience oriented home furnishing industry, simple online platforms or physical stores have been difficult to meet consumer demand. In terms of new retail practice, household enterprises should not only build offline experience centers, connect online and offline in terms of sales and services, but also use advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to win customers

tmall and red star Macalline build a service system centered on the platform; Qumei and Shangpin home distribution are self built oaos that connect enterprise online platforms and offline stores, "In terms of cost saving, such as Qumei mode: the five modules of official, cloud design platform, offline life hall, ERP system and CRM system interact, so that consumers can find a lifestyle suitable for themselves through offline experience, and can also have the function of customized experiments; the online platform operates by itself to create their own world.

in order to connect resources to obtain passenger flow, reduce operation and marketing costs, and deepen the new trend of Omni channel integration In retail, Lin's wood industry focuses on smart stores and digitalizes store passenger flow

for example, for the online traffic to the store, from the time consumers enter the store, Lin's big data background will quickly respond and identify, read out the consumer information, so that the shopping guide can know the basic information and shopping preferences of consumers in advance, and provide a more personalized product recommendation and service experience; After he left the store, Lin's wood smart store can continue to reach consumers. In this process, Lin's wood smart store has become a place for transactions, services, logistics and interaction, building a connection between stores and consumers

the essence of returning to retail is to understand consumers and focus on consumers. New retail is a new topic, and there is no unique answer. We should strengthen the layout and integration of all channels. In addition to opening up online and offline, such as stretching experiments, we should pay more attention to the role of entities and stores, so as to achieve better synergy between all parties. Compared with the traditional home retail channel, whether the new retail can bring more customer flow to the store needs to be questioned

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